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CS602 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Cs602 paper 

mostly from mozz and wqar sidhu file

1. Curve digram ko explain krna tha

2. Ax+by+cz+d explain all variable in equation

3. In 32bit red green and blue color pixle ko explain krna tha 

4. Opengl function of all properties of light

5. Forward and backword scattering explain krna tha long question

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95%mcqs from past papers

Describe fractal.

Three name openGl blend and go being.

Calculate fractional transformation?

What will be the behaviour of light when hitting the boundary layer at intersection of two media? 3 marks

Torrance sparrow model?3 marks

3openGL functions or routines that r used in modeling transformation?

Define hidden surface removal & its importance in 3D?5marks

Does temperature affects the refractive index of glass.

Explain in either case?5 marks

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Cs602 today paper 

some mcqs from waqar siddhu ki file se

Long question "The camera analogy" .

Aik math k jasy swal tha uska scale find krna tha. 

Dgree of curves

Difference between phong shading and Goured shading.

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