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CS607 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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CS607 paper

Some Mcqs from past paper

CLIP commant to remove facts and rule 

CLIP command to adding name 

Computer or biological neural mn sy fast kon hai or q? 

First layer of ANNs and scnd layer difference?


Mcqs from past papers and handouts 


1. Action predicate components?

2. Several weak signal to strong signal technique name?

3. Print out hello world using CLIPS

4.Bio neoron vs Computer Neuron 

5. Unsupervised learning 

6. FIS five steps?

cs607 today exam

mcqs from past paper

drawbacks of ANNS(3 marks) scerio wag given we have to tell these are the drawbacks or not..if not why not??


if we have 4 neuron in hidden layer..then how much lines will genrate in  non-linear strategy.

in recognizing automobiles which Es tecnique is suitable and why?

name five techniques where Es algorithm is used

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Cs607 today paper

Mcqs all from past papers

2 marks short question about genetic algorithm

3 marks

Membership function related 

Biological network vs computer speed which one is best

Truth table boolean logic

Fuzzy logic and boolean logic related question

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Soft computing algorithm ky name liknhy ty or candidate - elimination algorithm keya h or machine learning ky three3 name keya han or clips ka ak program ta  or ak maching ka question ta clear the concept of machine learning ky ak  time  jo error dy ga wo her time dyga ky nai es tarhan ka kuch ta question mostly subjective past sy ta or past sy mcqs just 3,4 ty baki book sy aya ta


1. statement di hoi the us pe deftrule aply krna tha 3_markx.

2.  phases of machine learning 3_marks_

3. ak statement given the conjungtion proposition ki us ko OR operation me convert krna tha 5_markx

4. Advantages of Artificial Neural Network.


Mcq sari past me se the. wesy me ne bhut c files ki the es ley sari ho gai main moaaz and waqar ki files hein

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