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EDU302 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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1-"Thinking about Thinking" is__Meta-cognition


Outlining is basically a form of the more general strategy of………., or writing down key ideas 

and terms from a reading or lecture. _Taking notes

3-Basic strength of Stage 5: Identity vs. Role Confusion of erikson theory is 


4-This stage of moral development is focused on living up to social expectations 

and roles. ____"good boy-good girl" orientation

5-Which type of thinking refers to the thinking on the surface?_ Concrete

5 intelligence of Gardner theory with example-5M

What is extraversion? -2M

What is the age criteria of Junior high school students? -2M

Physical characteristics of elementary school children-3M

Difference between Vygotsky and piagrt theories-3M

Theory of identical elements-3M

edu302 paper

Any 2 Emotional empairment of students? 2

Extroversion define? 2

Difrence b/t Interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence? 3

define Advance organizer? 3

Criticism on eric erickson  theory? 5

Emotional character of junior high school students? 5

Culturalay different students teachin stratigies any 4? 5


What would be average age of girls in puberty?_______________________________11 or 12

In Pavlov’s classic experiment food was the _________unconditioned stimulus

 Who defined as GROWTH is change in size, in proportion, the disappearance of old features 

, and the acquisition of new ones. ___

LTM stands for.....

 *Interpersonal* *intelligence* Understanding other people’s emotions and social 

etiquette and norms are of different situations.

Gilligan was a student of Developmental Psychologist ____Lawrence Kohlberg

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Emotional characteristics of senior high school . 5 marks.

critism on Erickson theory 5 marks.

Creative thinking 5 marks. 


Kohlberg's theory 3 points.

Operational conditioning.

Physical characteristics of primary stage children.

Today Edu302 paper

What do you know type theory of personality? 2 marks

2. Criticism KO Erik Erikson's theory 5 marks

3. Note on problem-solving 5 marks

4. Physical characteristics of primary grades student 5 marks

5. Types of individual differences 3 marks

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Define Learning (2)           

age of kindergarten students (2)                             

3 strategies to teach aggressive students (3)   

why do we forget things according to retrieval failure theory? (3)                                5 intelligences of Gardner (5)                           

Significance of Transfer of learning (5)                       

moral theory of Gilligan (5)

defined personality difference growth and development three characters of primary school grade mental retardation   intellectual development walaetha

Edu 302

1. Piaget's theory in 1 Mcq 2 questions of 3 and 5 marks

2. Strategies of teaching of students of different


3. Development in mcq and 2 questions

4. Morality of social norms

EDU302 9:30am 

1.Define trait theory of personality  

2. enlist stages of development 

3. age of junior high school 

4.differ b/w interviews and autobiography 

5. physical character of junior high school 

6.three sources of developmental task 

7. describe ways to foster creativity in classroom.

Edu302 9:30

1-Moral development

2-Techniques for personality assessment

3-Growth and development comparison

4- Being an elementary teacher how you develop creativity in your students

5- emotional impairments 

6- methods to teach mentally retarded students

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