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EDU401 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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1) Immersion model and national language model. 

2) population studies.

3) Freedom of choice for parents.

4) Environment-friendly school.

5) characteristics of Beckett and Hager informal learning.

6) Innovation and renovation.

7) Food is issue for education population.

Edu 401 paper

1 _demand side pressure

2_ EU non formal learning

3_change climate effect on child

4_ aggregation level of population education

5_baki bhol gia 

Mcqs handout sy thy but easy thy

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EDU 401 Today paper

1. Names of three learning types

2. Common schooling in EE environmental friendly

3. Describe in your own words EE environment friendly education

4. Immersion method or national language method

5. Integration part in population education

6. Why Population Education is important

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Billets informal 2

teacher training /non-formal in context/sum up of ee in environmental friendly school 2 +5+5

Link of population studies with other studies 3

Level of aggregation 3

Innovation and renovation 5


Food as an issue in population studies (2)

Quality education and environmental education (2)

Concerns of population education (3)

Financing in private education (3)

Diversity in private education (5)

Education voucher (5)

Edu401 paper.

1.Diversity of private education in Pakistan (5)

2.bectett and hager (5)

3.public school (5)

Liberalization (3)

Quality and environment education (2)

Population education (2)


Quiz 3,0r 4 may sy

Questions 2 marks ka 2 or 3 ka 2 or  5 marks ka 3 questions tha 

Demond side pressure

Characters of informal learning describe by bectett and hager 5 marks ka 

3 sources internal efficiency come

Research and population studies

*Project learning

*Distinct instructions

*Why Childhood education is important


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