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EDU403 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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EDU 403

*Questions of 2 marks. * 

 *Cubism was invented by whom?* 

 *2 Questions of 3 marks* 

 *What is the evaluation of art?* 

 *Define architecture and write it's components.* 

 *Questions of 5 Marks* 

 *Differentiate product design and textile design?* 

*Differentiate art of modernism and post modernism?*

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Long question


Photography 5 sources.

Textile design and product design.

McQ 6 past me sy thy.

Short question.

2 sources of post modernism.

Baretts principles 2.

Arrangement of objects

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edu403 kay paper mn ye question aye .

*What is motif?

*Difference between product and textile design.

*write the name of any three material use in Mural?

*Write three points of pop- art.

*Explain impressionism?

Write two qualities of rococo?

edu 403 paper

What is painting?

What is mural?



Diff between rhythm and motif?

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