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MCM301 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Students must prepare these mcm301 finalterm current papers 2022. Also, it can give mcm301 final term preparation 2022 important topics, questions, and an overview of the paper with downloads pdf files below.


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MCM301 paper

Mcqs mostly from past papers


Invetion letter and types 5 marks

Discuss Elements of Effective Written Communication 5 marks

Formal and Informal communication 3 marks

Social invention letter 3 marks

Nonessential elements of business letter 3 marks

Types of visual ads 3 marks

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conceptual paper

S.Q functional resume tha 

2 baki 3 conceptual the 


1.  effective writing in business letter

2.  Interview success factor


Subjective -

MCQs some past papers.

1- Impact of visual aid in oral communication.

2-what is a Memo? (3marks)

3-What key factors in invitation letters?

4-disappointed newsletters (5 marks)

5- why we used reference or source.(5 marks)

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MCQs are some from past papers 

Short Question

Stages of groups. 

Direct and indirect method in announcements.

What qs you think an interviewer may ask in hiring uni lecturer give 5 questions. 

What is Appropriateness in writing?

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