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MGT502 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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1. Manager gets power from different sources enlist ang explain the organizational sources of power.

2. Organization use many job redesign strategies for motivating employees. In your opinion what are the possible advantages and disadvantage of job rotation.

3. Power management is vital for any organization. How am organization can manage the organization power.

4. Describe three external forces that can impact the routine functioning of organizations.

5. Discuss some of the psychological consequences of stress.

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Paper is easy but conceptual

Short question

Expert power is effective what you think?

Mergers and acquisition how impact on culture?


Charismatic leader.

Long questions

Team building Waly ma sa that ka ksy team building ka Jo manager hu ga wo trust build kr skta.

Conflicts b/w two parties how mr Hassan as a negotiator solve problem?

Simple structure for small organization better why?

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Mgt502 today paper

Almost paper concept base 

2 questions 3 marks k

2 questions 5 marks k

Political behaviors effect on organization?

As a plant manager, how will you start a plant. 3 marks

Transformational and transactional leadership (5)

downsizing and rightsizing with example (5)

why manager might stimulate conflict (3)

do you agree with the use of ''multiple evaluate '' give solid reason (3)

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