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MGT510 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Mgt510 final term paper

*Mode* = the most frequently occurring value

The *range* is calculated by taking the maximum value and subtracting the minimum value.

2 MCQs on teams

(5 marks)

Enlist the five steps of Develop Appropriate Solutions in the light of seven step method for problem-solving.

Explain core processes, sub-processes, and goal translation in the implementation model for achieving organizational excellence.

(3 marks)

How do scatter diagrams assist in finding solutions to quality problems? 

Being the quality manager of a Pakistani firm, what questions you have to keep in mind for creating business excellence based on performance excellence? Write any six.

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1. Write types of statistical process control chart. Write formula of UCL an LCL(3)

2. Different clauses of ISO 9001 given. Ask about these clause fulfill or not fulfill in these situations (3)

3. Differentiate the verification and validation in design and development process(5)

4. Importance of empowerment in employee productivity (5)

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Qs of 3 marks

Objectives of process capability

3 leadership skills to control quality of organization

Qs of 5 marks

Advantages and uses of Fishbone diagram

Authority and Responsibility of Management Representative

MGT510 Paper 

1- Discuss 5 Types of Teams in TQM - 5 Marks

2- Discuss Norming stage in team growth. Also discuss role of leader in it? 

3- Different stages of managing data related to customers?

4-The president determines, provides and maintains the infrastructure needed to achieve the conformity of their products to customers. What are the requirements of this?

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