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MTH404 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Mth404 Paper

MCQs: projectile or orbital motion k last pr jo exercise hein in mn c mcqs thy.


write the equ of orbits in polar coordinates?

find the maximum range?

find the angle of projection?

find thee horizontal and vertical components

find the time of flight?

a/r  is equal to n theta prove that f inversely propotional to 1/r cube.

Aik question second kepler law aya hi.

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 *Chapter #9*

*Projectile Motion* 

 ye formula achy sy kr lyn

(subjective aur objective  ky liay)

Equation of path of projectile

Vertix of projectile

latus rectum 


Max. Height attain by projectile

horizontal range of projectile.

Max. Harizontal range of projectile

time of flight of projectile

Range of inclined  plane

Max. Range on an inclined  plane

Max. Range down the inclined plane

time of flight on an inclined plane

Time of flight down the inclined plane


State kepler 3rd law

define projectile

orbital eqaution likhni thi

R1=squre root (R2)...values angles ki given thi yeh proof krna tha

max height find krni thi

apse ki definition likhi hui thi us ki definition ko proof krna tha

max height given thi ..velocity b given thi aur angle find krna tha                                

state and proof kepler 3rd law

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*Chapter 10*

*Orbital Motion*

Differential equation of orbit in polar coordinates

Differential Eq. of the orbit in pedal form

Kepler's Laws(1st,2nd, and 3rd)

Examples ( Proof)

Summary (definition.)

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