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MTH633 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Mth 633 final term paper


  1. State 1st theorem of isomorphism   (2 marks) 

  2. Give any example of quotient group (2) marks

  3. Show that center of finite non trivial p group G is non trivial…… (3) marks

  4. Show that set of all inner automorphism of G is subgroup of Aut(G).. (3) marks

  1. Let X be G-set show that Gx is Subgroup of G for each x belongs to X… (5) marks

  1. Let  Fi be homomorphism (G,*) to (G,.) then (ker Fi, *) normal subgroup of (G, *)…. (5) marks


Compact space

Open ball

Example thi connect prove krna tha.3

Log question equalinace relation wala tha


X is housdorff space then prove x has a unique limit ictrha ka tha

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MCQs from mega file

Short normal subgroup,action of group ,cauchy’ s theoram define krny thy

Long : cauchy’s theoram ka prove tha 

2)every subgroup of cyclic group is cyclic

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Paper mth633

Msq kush past files sy thy or kush ajeeb sy thy 

Define 1st sylow theorem 

Define stabilizer

Define factor or quotient long mai 3rd law of isomorphism prove 

And 2nd q mai z4 z6 /(0,1)


What is p-group?2 marks

Define cmplete group? 3 marks


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