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PHY101 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Phy101 current

Mcqs past files main say buhat kam aate

Q1. A photon of green light has a wavelength of 530nm. Find the photos frequency, magnitude of momentum and electron volts. Express the energy in joles and electron volts.

Q2. Helim aagye yaad ni pr lemda=632.8 sent through width of 0.300mm of slit. Find the value sent through 1m width.

Q3. Find the difference between two waves which interfere constructively and destructively.

Q4. Similarity and difference of Galvano meter and electric motor


Galvanometer wla tha aik

 Potential difference

Alpha decay wla

 1mol water freezes wla

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PHY 101 

Only 3 mcqs past paper 

Planx constant 

Blackbody radiation mn konsa law use krty hn

Body temperature C mn 

3 short questions (1_about pressure cocker)

(2_greater wavelength eject greater electron smaller wavelength eject less electrons) and 

2 examples ( pge#103) or P.E wali AK example

One long question (about earth)

Phy101 4.30 pm 


1. The ampere is a measure of the amount of electric charge in motion per unit time ―

2. The potential difference (which is the same as voltage) is equal to the amount of current multiplied by the resistance. ... A potential difference of one Volt is equal to one Joule of energy being used by one Coulomb of charge when

3. Transverse waves cause the medium to move perpendicular to the direction of the wave. Longitudinal waves cause the medium to move parallel to the direction of the wave.

3 numerical

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Phy101 Paper 

MCQs Easy thy aur Conceptual uss k ilawa 

Long main Magnetic Flux and Magnetic Flux density and when Flux is maximum and when it is zero? 

Other Long main How Isotopes change Atomic Mass, Magnetic spin moment and Chemical behaviour of Elements


paper may ziyada magnetic field walay or  last chapter sunwal us may say ziyada aya tha paper! 

ik question tha step down transfarmer wala n1 or n2 deya howa tha us may say S1 Maloom krna tha ..

question tha sun  ka defien krna tha sun ki sakht layer k bary may or sun ka power  formola maloom krna tha or...


1. aik numaricle tha jis may " E= delta (V). d " , yh fomula lga kr solve krna tha

2. aik question main q,B,m,r ki values di hoi thi velocity calculate krni thi...

3. For observing interference why we use thin slit only? why don’t we use thick slit?

4. write about plum pudding model that

a) who gave give

b) what was its basic features.

c) why was it wrong?

5. aik question capacitors may say tha..

Phy101 Tuesday 31 Aug 

1-Fundamental source of Electromagnetic radiation

2-Electric aur magnetic  sy kafi aya tha.  Mcqs mn bhi. 

Baqi ss. Send kr rhi. Jo is pdf sy aye...

2 numerical. (find momentum of photon) and (find force to move electric charges.. ) 2 marks 

1 numerical 5 marks

Phy101 8AM

Did light bulb in series disconnect esa hi kch question ta past paper mai ha ye wala

Diff b/w resistance and resistivity?

Did 1/p+1/q=1/f or M=-q/p apply on image which is formed by flat mirror?

2 numerical

Phy 101 Paper 

1. Composition of Sun..

2. Analogy btani thi kay electron kis say similar hain  answer tha ky like ik group ko forward ki command dyna

3.. frequency find krni thi wavelength given thi.

5 marks. Radio waves or light waves ka comparison

2nd 5 marks.. matter energy decrease to 500J work done 220J find Energy in form of heat

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