BIO202 Current Final Term Paper 2022 - Biochemistry-I

BIO202 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Short q


2. Nucleotide are act as intermediate and co enzyme explain

3. Smaller and larger km value

4. Template and non-template strand

Long q

1. Five properties of nitrogen bases

2. PH effect on ionization of active site


Enzyme and the classification of enzyme. 10 marks

Properties of Nitrogen. 5 marks

Primary structure of DNA. 5 marks

Function of t-rna 3 marks

What is the simple lipids? Give two types? 3marks ka

Long Questions

Give five properties of waxes ? 5marks

Ak tha reaction order respect with substrate concentration? 5marks 

What is the enzymes? Give classification and examples? 10marks

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Mcqs zada ppts sa. 


1) Basic steps of enzyme kinetics (3 MARKS)

2) Biomedical importance of nucleotides (3 marks)

3) Describe small and large non-coding regulatory RNAs (10 marks)

4) Describe primary structure of DNA (5 marks)

5) How phosphodiester bond is formed (2 marks)

6) Difference between uraciall and thymine? 2 marks 

7) What do you know about kinetic enzymes? 2marks

8) What is the concentration of H in the 0.1M NaOH? 3marks

My paper of bio202

What is iodine number and its importance? ( 2marks)

Primary structure of Dna? (5 marks)

physical properties of Triacylglerols(5 marks)

what is reaction velocity and its affects on reaction rate?(3 marks)

Difference between Thyamine and Cytosine(2 marks)

paper of Bio202

Waxes 5 property

Effect of ionization on active site 5 marks

Diff between uracil methyline

which pentose sugar is present in nucleic acid

effect of pH on ionization 

coposition of nucleotide

arachidonic acid

2 marks

Function of dehydrogenase proteinase

Conc of oh ions 

Mcqs PPT se

paper of BIO202

Examples of mixed Triglycerides (2)

Functions of tRNA (2)

Properties of TAGs(5)

How isozyme of hexokinase illustrate the significance of km? (5)

Aik concentration of OH in solution of H+ with molar mass ajeeb sa tha 1.38 Into ten raise to power wala tha.(3)

Waxes and its types (3)


Sulphatides 2 marks

Nucleotides importance as carrier intermediates and coenzyme 3 marks 

Find Pka value of lactic acid 3 marks

Michaleis menten model assumes what 2marks

Glycerol 2 marks

How activation energy effect rate of reaction. 5marks

What is saturated kinetics?

What are the sub classes of sphingolipids?

What are the two sugars present in nucleic acid? Also write their properties.

Write three steps for enzymatic catalyzation reaction.

Write the types of RNA and also their properties.

Name the three pathways for arachidonic acid catalyzation.

Bio202 11:00am

Synthesis of lipoxins 3

Zero order reaction 3

Two examples of unnatural purymidin bases 2

Two examples of cyclic nucleotides 2

Nucleotide as energy currency cell 5

State 5 functions of cAMP 5



Baisc structur of RNA

Reaction velocity and rate

App of cAMP

Waxes in nature


N_ glycosidic bond

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Mcqs b khuch repeat huye thy.

1 Define reaction velocity? And its affect on the reaction rate.

2.What are globosides?

3.Describe interaction of DNA.

4.Give the common RNA slandered structure.

5.characteristics of VLDL

6.Acrolein test


Properties of waxes 5 marks

Composition of nucleotides 2 marks


Concentration of lactic acid is 0.01 M and concentration of karate is 0.085 and PH is 4.8 find pka value.3 marks

Charguffs rule 2 marks

20 McQ very difficult and conceptual

Functional group of nucleotides 3 marks


1. Properties of glycerol

2. What is activation energy.

3. Effect of activation energy on rate of reaction (5)

4. Write chemistry of monoenoic acid (5)

5. Three Unusual base  (2)

Bio202 today

Buffers 5 marks

Glycerol 5 marks

3 example of polyunsaturated fatty acids 3 marks

Disease caused by omega 6 and 3  2 marks

Define free energy 2 marks 

Cofector 3 marks

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