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BT401 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Students must prepare final term preparation 2022 important topics, questions, and an overview of the bt401 current paper with pdf files below.


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2 marks 

1. Tree interplying mechanisms

2. Botanical Garden

3. techniqus of germplasm conservation...2 Marks

Tissue culture...5 marks

Genetic variations...3 marks

AnGR conservation and utilization strategies 3 marks

DNA storage strategy 3 marks

4...mission of ramsar convention..2 marks

Mcqs completely from file 1 bi out of file ni tha or na hi koi question

Bt401 Exam

Mcqs from 57 pages file.

*treaty 2 marks

*define habitat species protected areas 2 marks 

*how human activities lead to migration of invertebrates. 3marks.

*biodiversity role of habitat species protected areas 3 marks

*cartagena protocol 5marks.

*processing of sample in dna bank 5 marks.

EEz 2

Botanical garden 5

Run kutch  endangered species conservation 3

Cryoprotectant 3 

1976 terrestrial mari act 5

Invasive species 2

Phenotypic plasticity 5 background of CBD5

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Ramsar convention 3 

Terrterring steps plant depends upon for fight against environment factors 2  all mcqs from 57 pages file

objective Protected areas of land scape or sea scape

Today BT401

70% mcqs from past

1. Central goal behind ant zoo

2. how many tinterplaying in tree population

3. Biodiversity role in habitat species management area

4. Background history of CBD

5. features of habitat species management area

6. Silent features of Pakistan fisheries ordinance

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1)What is EEZ

2)What services PEPA give

3)Role of biodiversity in habitat species 

4)management areas

What is socio-cultural values of monuments


1. Zoological garden

2. Landscape-seascape 

3. Cartagena protocol

4. Principal of quarantine

5. Germplasm conservation

6. Category V (5) 

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