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BT402 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Today bt402 

Q1. Microbial mining (2)

Q2 What is important to understand mechanism of regulation?

Q3. Is it possible to make a protein array?

Q4. Biodiesel and how it is produced.

Q5. Two benefits of probiotics.

Mcqs were totally from Ppts 

Bt402 paper 

Write a note on transcriptomics?  10 marks

Define biopesticides, biofertilizers? 3marks

How biofuels are obtained? 2 marks

Define pesticides? 2marks

Define live attenuated vaccine? 3marks

Define inactivated vaccine?  Give an example.  5 marks

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Mostly paper ppt se tha.


Name thre fungai use in food

Compost ko define krna or icki types  long +shrt dono me aya tha

Congugate vaccine , DNA  vaccine or recombinant vector vacine me dfrence tha 

Antimicrobial ki types btani thi

Alcoholic fermentation ki flow sheet diagram bnani thi


1-Production of GMOs?

2 -Steps of vaccine production?

3-Biochemical pesticide?

4-What is compost .write its type ?10

5-Name Microorganisms in food ?

6-Flow sheet diagram of lactic acid fermentation?

7-meta genomics and metabiomic?

8-name the microbes which are used in food production?


1. Anti-microbials

2. Effects of improper nutrients on microorganisms

3. How 3rd generation biofuels are produced?

4. Explain 2nd generation biofuels

5. Define metabolomics

6. Advantages of antipesticides

7. Lactic acid fermentation (diagram)

8. Role of microorganisms in meat industry

9. Transcriptomics (10)

Today Bt402 paper

1. Define microbial mining? 2 marks

2. Define prebiotics? 2 marks

3. How second generation biofuels are produced? 3 marks

4. What are the criteria for microorganisms to included in probiotic group? 3 marks

5. Write 2 types of biofertilizers? 5 marks

What are the aspects of polysaccharide structure? 5 marks

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Some MCQs from past and mostly ppts

1. How to obtained biofuel?

2. Define probiotics

3. Benefit of composting

4. How to apply biofertilizer

5. Differentiate between submerged and solid-state fermentation


What is antimicrobial pesticide?5

What is biodiesel and how it produced?5

Applications methods of biofertilizer? 

What is microbial mining? 


Adjuvants in modern vaccines... 5

Probiotics two benefits. 5

Matrix assisted laser desorption... 2 marks

Vaccine.... 2

Live attenuated vaccine...2

Is it possible to make protein array? 3 marks

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