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ZOO505 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Students must prepare these zoo505 final term preparation 2022 important topics, questions, and an overview of the zoo505 current paper with pdf files below.


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zoo505 ka paper

Mostly Imran wally file sy thy  

1-Discrimination amino acids in mechanism of DNA polymerase

2- IF3 function

3- translation

4- transcription error

5- mitosis Nd meiosis

6- transversion and transition

short question 

helicase ka functions 

process ot transcription

contribution of marchel 

translation ke definition 

log transaction ur transactions

paper (ZOO505) 

Q. Stahl and messelson experiment?  (5 marks)         

Q. Transition and transversion mutations with diagram (5 marks)         

Q. Name of four deoxynucleoside triphosphate present in DNA?  (3 marks)                 Q. Function of IF3 ? (3 marks)                                    

Q.  Origin of replication?  (2 marks)                              

Objective all from handouts, not even a single mcqs from past files and very conceptual...

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Objective 5 6 McQ k elawa sab new thy


Which protein recognize stop codon? 2

Rho function in termination 2

Topoisomerases 3

Process of translation 3 

Tarnation and transversions with diagram 5

Elongation step of translation 5 

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1.purpose of density gradient centrifugation in Meselson and Stahl experiment.   

2. Contribution of Marshall Nierberg and Heinrich Mathaei.    

3. Hydrolyting editing in Transcription.  

4. Elongation     

5. Transversion and transmission.

Zoo505 Exam 

1.Origin of replication (2)

2.Name elangation factors (2)

3. How pre_mRNA transcribed to make it functional(3)

4.DNA helicase 

5.Elongation in transcription (5)

6.transition and transversion with diagram (5)

Mcqs From handouts


1.mitosis and meiosis ma different long 5.

2.transection and tranziton with diagram.5

Alternating splicing

Name of two elongation factor

Comparison between mitosis and meiosis   

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