BT401 Current Solved MCQs

BT401 Past Papers MCQs

In this Post, We Provide Solved BT401 Current MCQs Papers for Students.

BT401 Current Solved MCQs

1) It is cheep method for conversion broad range of germ-plasma_______ seed storage

2) Greater efforts are needed to estimate the full value of ------ PGRFA

3) WCPA stand for __________world commission on protected areas 

4) Which species has been reintroduced in Lalsuhanra national park? __Black buck

5) OHSS stand for -------ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome

6) Pakistan is the -------producer of kinows oranges in the world. _ sixth largest

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7) IBPGR stand for -------- international board of plant genetic resource

8) easily generated from seed ____________________Acacia Nilotic

9) .......will be fine for cutting tree in 1992 act ______________5000 rupees

10) In 2013, rasmer sites has been declared in Pakistan -------- 19

11) Bahawalpur zoo covers _________ 25 acres

12) Since the the population of indus has significantly increased here.______ 1970

13) National Park spreading in an area of ---------100 SQ. KM. TO 500 SQ. KM.

14) Tree population rely on ..........interplaying mechanisms to respond to environmental change________________ 3

12) bottleneck effect elephant seal _______________________ over hunting

13) Which one of the following is culturally influenced in natural reserve___cave dwelling

14- Which category areas areas are not necessary associated with human presence and intervention. ____________Category IV

15) The tecopa pupfish was native to the _________ mojava desert

16) Dart poison frog have compound ____________ alkaloid

17) NCCP stand for ----national culture collection for Pakistan

18) Which of the following population has strong gentec drift_______ small population

19) Which one of the following is the example artificial barrios the great china wall,
dams, barrages , ______________All

20) In Europe one estimate put the role of value marketed _____ nonwood goods
from forest at__ 2.3 billions


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