Business and Technical English Writing Solved Quiz 1 Solution 

1) In order to create trust and establish credibility with a reader with whom you have had past negative experience, include extensive explanations of your conclusions and recommendations in the document.

Select the correct option:

§  False

§  True


2) Howard could not ____ the job.

Select the correct option:

§  except

§  accept


3) Phantom readers are called ____ readers.

Select the correct option:

§  fake

§  name

§  original

§  unnamed


4) In short, your resume is an argument whose purpose is to ________ your readers to hire you.

Select the correct option:

§  restrain

§  restrict

§  Limit

§  convince


 5) Which of the following should be the ultimate goal of persuasive speaking?

Select the correct option:

§  To reinforce the attitudes, beliefs, and values an audience already holds

§  To inoculate an audience against counter persuasion

§  To change attitudes & motivate an audience to act

§  All of the above


6) I ____ your gift if you let me pay for my lunch.

Select the correct option:

§  Accept

§  except


7) One fundamental ____ of effective writing is to put the key information at the beginning.

Select the correct option:

§  Principle

§  Case

§  Example

§  Situation


8) The role of ___ is provide information for the decision makers.

Select the correct

§  Advisor (page no. 33)

§  Implementers

§  Executives

§  Office Workers


9) Style guides provide definite ___ for preparing a document.

Select the correct option for the following:

§  Instructions (page no. 39)

§  Purpose

§  Objective

§  Material


Fill in gap by adding suitable transitional word.

10) I enjoy reading this news magazine __. It is good articles:

 Select the correct option:

§  Purpose

§  Moreover

§  Thus

§  Furthermore


11) The essence of decision-making is _____

Select the correct option

§  Monitoring

§  Problem solving

§  Developing alternatives course of action

§  Choosing between alternatives


12) Briefing, goodwill, information and report are part of ____ speaking.

Select the correct option

§  Informative

§  Public

§  Analytical

§  persuasive



13) Content words (nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs) have only denotative meanings.

Select the correct option

§  True

§  False



14) ____ is important, not only because it genuinely improves the reader's ability to understand your material, but also because it gives the reader confidence in your ability to assert control over detail.

Select the correct option:

§  Consistency (page no. 37)

§  Consideration

§  Conciseness

§  Completeness


15) General Experts possess extensive knowledge about a field in general, but they might be unfamiliar with particular technical terms, specific equipment, or recent advances in your document's subject matter.

Select the correct option:

§  specific experts (page no. 25)

§  general experts

§  subject specialists

§  None of the above


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