BIO302 Assignment 1 Solution 2021


BIO302 Assignment 1 Solution 2021

Prepared by Maryam (BIOTECHNOLOGY)

BIO302: Molecular Biology

Assignment No. 1 Spring 2021

Due Date: 7th May2021

Audio Introduction:

“Please prepare an audio introduction file through any available device. Preferably Sound recorder of the Windows”

Course name and code (30 sec

My Course name is Molecular Biology and my course code is BIO302…

*Your Introduction (2minutes)*

 My name is ______son of/daughter of_____. I am ____ years old but very energetic and willing to meet challenges. I am very hard working. My truth is my passion and my family is my peace. I have _____ siblings. I like to Play Football. I am doing BS Bioinformatics from virtual university by profession. I am working in a Bank from last years. Biology is my favorite subject and I have a good command over my subject. I like to read books and Novels. I am always being stood 1st in class. I am always taking part in circular activities.

 *Your academic Background (1 minute)* 

I got my primary education from a (Your school name). I got ___ position in middle examination and get excellent marks in board exams. I did my Matriculation from ____ Board in first division and I took admission in (Your College Name) for intermediate and I also have completed my intermediate from board in ____ division. Now I am doing BS Bioinformatics with (Your Semester) from Virtual of Pakistan. In previous three semesters. I got good CGPA. This period was a great learning period for me.

 *The Views about course (1 minute)* 

This course of Virtual University is based on molecular biology. This course design for graduate students who will explore basic concept about molecular biology. Topics starting from nucleic acids (DNA and RNA), genes, genome and then finally up to the gene expression level. This course will enable the students to get sufficient knowledge about the subject to carry out research in the same field.

Expectations about the course (30 sec)

I expect that this course brings a change in the world by diagnosis different genetic diseases. This course Will change the world by producing the organisms with cloning techniques. Method in Molecular Biology Will teach a better way to detect different disordered and find out a way to treat them efficiently. This Course will develop skill of research and produce an interest in the field of molecular biology among the Students.


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