BT302 Assignment 1 Solution 2021 - Immunology Assignment

 BT302 Assignment 1 Solution 2021

BT302 Assignment 1 Solution 2021 - Immunology Assignment Solution

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BT302: Immunology 

Assignment No. 1 Spring 2020

Due Date: 6thMay21

Audio Introduction:

“Please prepare an audio introduction file 5 minutes duration through any available device. Preferably Sound recorder of the Windows”


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Course name and code (30 sec

My Course name is Immunology and my course code is BT302…

*Your Introduction (2 minutes) *

 My name is ………son of/daughter of…. I am ………years old but very energetic and willing to meet challenges. I am very hard working. My truth is my passion and my family is my peace. I have….. siblings. I like to Play Football. I am doing BS Bioinformatics from a virtual university by profession. I am working in a Bank for the last few years. Biology is my favorite subject and I have a good command of my subject. I like to read books and Novels. I am always being stood 1st in class. I am always taking part in circular activities.

 *Your academic Background (1 minute)* 

I got my primary education from a (Your school name). I got ----position in the middle examination and get excellent marks in board exams. I did my Matriculation from -----Board in the first division and I took admission in (Your College Name) for intermediate and I also have completed my intermediate from the board in -----division. Now I am doing BS Bioinformatics with (Your Semester) from Virtual of Pakistan. In the previous three semesters. I got a good CGPA. This period was a great learning period for me.

The Views about course (1 minute) * 

Immunology is the study of the immune system and how the immune response differs between individuals both healthy and not. ... Immunology tells us how to prevent, treat, and eradicate the disease as well as form an understanding of how the body reacts to different conditions. The immune system governs defense against pathogens and is of importance for the development of autoimmune diseases, allergies, and cancer. The course discusses basic immunology including cellular and molecular processes that represent the human immune system. Subjects to be presented include cells and organs of the immune system, antigen, immunoglobulins and antibody diversity, molecular mechanisms of innate and adaptive immunity, the complement system, antigen presentation, cell-mediated effector responses, mucosal immunity, and select lectures on the immune system in health and disease.

Expectations about the course (30 sec)

I Expect that this course will prove very well the current COVID-19 situation, that’s why we can easily understand the virus and disease. This course will help to prepared the vaccine against this viral disease. Although there is a significant component of this course that students will be able to test the problem-solving techniques and critical thinking.



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