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CS101 Solved Grand Quiz 2020. CS101 Mid term

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1. The test that matches will have a chance to pass to Turing was of: 5 minutes


2. Each statement in a natural language can have: multiple meanings


3. Shortcut key of paste is: Ctrl+v


4. Act that mandates about financial institutions must deal with the private information of individuals: Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act


5. Meaning of a statement in natural language depends on its context

6. Copyright can be applied on: All of these (dramatic works, artistic and musical works)


7. Content Risks include: Harmful Advice


8. Information security Risks include: Malicious code


9. Sequential files: are ideal for storing data

that will be processed in the order in which the file’s entries

are stored.


10. To select shapes that are hidden or behind the text, we can click: Select objects

11. We have paste options: Multiple

12. Reports can be received at home through email because of investment in: Computer Science

13. Font group includes options: All of these (Typefaces, Highlight, font size)


14. Attacks can be made to prevent access to websites by crashing: Servers


15. Meaning of a statement in natural language depends on the manner in which it is: communicated

16. Paragraph group have option: Shading


17. Arial is a famous type of: font family


18.       option is MS word prevent others from making changes to the selected text. Block Authors


19. Sometimes when a device is continuously running it damages us by: Radiations


20. In some cases, the data collection process is readily apparent; in others it is subtle


21. Usual way of protecting software is:  Copyright


22. When we apply header it is shown at Every page of the document

23. Programming languages are well-designed so that each statement has        meaning: Only one


24. AI is helping to make Robots


25. Act that ranges government restrictions on wiretaps to include transmissions of data is: ECPA

26. We have to write an equation with 2 as a number and 3 as its power. Which option can be used for this purpose: Superscript


27. In context of environment, computer science have impacts: Both positive & negative


28. Shortcut key of Cut is: CTRL+X


29. Turing gave a percentage of a machine that will have a chance to pass Turing test in year: 2000


30. Paste option is a part of home ribbon group called: Clipboard


31. The communication between people because of computer science has: improved


32. Eye for long amount of time is not meant to look: 2D


33. Home ribbon contains groups: All of       these (Paragraph, Font, Clipboard)


34. We can highlight a text from group: font


35. Microsoft office includes: word


36. MS Word is an example of word processors


37. Content filters are part of Internet: firewalls


38. The default theme of MS-Word document is: Office


39. Table group is a part of      ribbon.  Insert


40. We can decrease indent from group: Paragraph


41. Insert tab can have group: Pages


42. If we want to end a page at a specific point and move to the next page we can use: Page break


43. Computer science helps in faster response times through All of the given (emails, instant messaging, chat)


44. Access to the forbidden literature because of: Computer


45. Style groups in MS word can have: Shading


46. Data can come from: All of these (Emails, Personal software, Passwords)


47. Gaming addiction can cause problems:  Financial


48. Content filtering is serving for purpose of All of these (Security, Socialism, Transaction)


49. The style group in the home ribbon is the: Fourth group


50. We can set line spacing from group: Paragraph


51. Self-driven cars are example of AI


52. Legal notations to control digital ownership are: Copyrights


53. The fifth group in the home ribbon is the: Editing


54. Find option includes: All of these (Find, Advance find, Go to)


55. Shortcut key to select whole text in a document: Ctrl+a


56. The Turing test result of program DOCTOR  developed by Joseph Weizenbaum was: Passed


57. With computer science the access to private information has: Increased


58. Pre written mathematical expressions or formulas are called: Symbol


59. In turn the collected information is potentially available to: all of these (marketing firms, political parties, employers)


60. The field of linguistic tends towards which direction: Theoretical


61. Data mining is practiced on       data collections, called data warehouses. Static


62. Easy access to online health centres is because of: Computer Science


63. Theoretical track is a part of: AI domain


64. The___ approach leads to a simulation-oriented methodology. Theoretical


65. The____approach leads to a performance-oriented methodology. Engineering


66. ___ displays the document as it would appear if printed and is the default view. Print Layout


67. maximizes the Word window on the screen and removes all toolbars etc to allow easy reading. Read Mode


68. A        is a specially formatted letter that appears at the beginning of a paragraph just like you see in newspapers or in books. drop cap


69. ___ are a way to keep track of reading. Bookmarks


70. American throws away pieces of paper each year. 1 billion trees


71. A device that responds to stimuli from its environment: Agent


72. Ethical issues are related to: moral principles


73. We can increase the size of text from home ribbon group called: Font


74. In MS word different type of effects on the text can be applied with: Word Art


75. ___ begins the paragraph with a large letter that spills down into the text: Drop Cap


76. Ethics and legality are essential in many industries including: All of these (Government officer, Doctors, Teachers)


77. Language group is in which ribbon of MS word? Review


78. A rapidly expanding subject that is closely associated with database technology is   , which consists of techniques for discovering patterns in collections of data. Data mining


79. A charity organization of London is: PI


80. footer is printed in the: Bottom margin


81. Change case control is an example of: Drop- down menu


82. Turing test was proposed in 1950


83. Most famous word processor is: word processor


84. Americans use about 680 pounds of paper per year:  per person


85. Which of the following is social issue: All of these (Privacy, cyber bullying, identity theft)


86. Information technology has        overarching standardization in place. No


87. We can encrypt: Emails


88. A style option includes font: All of these (Name, Colour, Size)


89. Quick Access Toolbar by default includes: All of these (Quick print, Save, Repeat)


90. USA has passed legislation allowing the government to actively monitor citizens in the name of: National security


91. We can apply bullets from home ribbon group called: Paragraph


92. Requiring certain degree of uniformity of the style, size, and orientation of symbols is a(n): disadvantage


93. IPR stands for: Intellectual property rights is a technique that provides similar


94. Access without such overhead. As in the case of an indexed system, hashing allows a record to be located by means of a key value. Hashing


95. A file’s is normally stored as a separate file on the same mass storage device as the. Index, indexed file


96. The data storage space is divided into several sections, called, each of which is capable of holding several records. Buckets.


97. Conversion from key values to bucket numbers is called a: hash function


98. If we want to link two sections of a same  documents we generally use: Hyperlink


99.         refers to identifying characteristics of the image. Image processing


100. Page setup Group is in which ribbon of MS word? Page Layout


101. Robots identifies veins by Image processing


102. The simplest response is a, which is merely a predetermined response to the input data. reflex action


103. Image analysis is also known as region finding


104. Refers to the task of identifying documents that relate to the topic at hand. Information retrieval


105. Ensures patient confidentiality for all healthcare-related data. HIPPA


106. Smart Art was introduced in Word version: 2007


107. Page group includes options: cover page


108. A mark or any other distinctive sign associated with products is called: Trademark


109. We can customize indentation with: Ruler


110. Retailers manage record of their  customers: Purchases


111. Social sites include: Twitter


112. Computer science has made hacking bank account: Possible


113. Attacks that can be made to prevent access to web sites: DDOS


114. Software licenses provide end users with the right to one or more copies of the software without violating copyrights.


115. Learning procedural knowledge usually involves a process: Trial-and-error


116. Which of the following is a robot used in medical field: Belgian robot


117. Shortcut to select the whole text in a document: ctrl+A


118. Editing group have commands: 3


119. Matching geometric characteristics technique cannot read: Handwritten material


120. Content filtering is used to implement company policies related to information system


121. The location that is used to temporary store the information that has been cut from somewhere: Clipboard


122. A sequential file is a file that is accessed in a serial manner from its beginning to its end as though the information in the file were arranged in one long row.


123. Arrange Group is in which ribbon of MS Word? Page Layout


124. Justify option is used to give spaces to the paragraph on left and right side: equal


125. Shortcut to insert a new comment in MS word is: Shift+F2


126. The people present around the e-waste gain diseases


127. The field of Artificial intelligence is being pursued along paths: 2


128. People are working in sitting position and thus have more chance to develop: obesity


129. Information that was once buried in arcane records has become accessible. Database


130. In the United States is the Privacy Act of 1974 whose purpose was to protect citizens from abusive use of databases: Government


131. want to reapply a command, you can use: Redo


132. Displaying text in two columns feature is in which tab of MS word: Page layout


133. There are many types of sensors: All of these (microphones, cameras, range sensors)


134. Matching geometric characteristics techniques of recognizing images is used in Optical imaging recognition.


135. Electronic Theft include: online scam


136. How many common forms of data mining? Two (class description and class discrimination)


137. Act that gives control over what information websites can collect from kids is: COPPA


138. Text files, which are in which each logical record is a single symbol encoded using ASCII or Unicode. sequential files


139. Actions according to environment knowledge:  Intelligent action


140. Ribbon has types of Commands: Three


141. Plagiarism is a major problem in: Education


142. Data comes from All of the above


143. Which of the following acts as a security guard between the Internet and your local area network: Firewall


144. CTRL+Y is used for Redo


145. CTRL+Z is used for: Undo


146. Process of understanding what the characteristics of  images is step: two


147. Researchers are trying to develop systems that exhibits      intelligent behavior in       track: Engineering


148. The option of justify is in group: Paragraph


149. The option of bullets is in group: Paragraph


150. The option of strike through is in group: font


151. Hyperlinks have by default color: Blue


152. Format painter is in group of: Clipboard


153. Process of understanding what the characteristics of images means refer to: Image analysis 50. Undo is used by:  Ctrl+z


154. In Belgian Pepper Robot works in: Hospitals


155. The part where different bullets options are given is called: Bullet library


156. Software licenses are: All of these (proprietary, free, open source)


157. Proofing Group is in which ribbon of MS word? Review


158. Word provides you preformatted text boxes through: text box


159. A program DOCTOR developed by Joseph Weizenbaum in the mid-1960s named as: ELIZA


160. The amount of paper American use in a year is: 85 million tons


161. One method that got on social media is the idea of a parent/child cell phone: Contract


162. Pages is an option in the ribbon: Insert


163. When we draw a table in MS word the table have Initial column(s): one


164. A patent can last: 20 years


165. Content filtering works by matching of characters: strings


166. Procedural knowledge is learning: “How”


167. Declarative knowledge is learning: “what”


168. We can add charts in MS word from group: Illustrations


169. Illustration is part of ribbon: Insert


170. Major component of syntactic analysis is: parsing


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