CS101 Quiz 1 Solved Solution 2021 - Introduction to Computing Solved Quiz


CS101 Quiz 1 Solved Solution 2021 - Introduction to Computing Solved Quiz

CS101 Quiz 1 Solved Solution 2021. Introduction to Computing Solved Quiz. Dear Student preparation your CS101 most important quiz is very helpful in your studies.

CS101 SOLVED QUIZ 1 2021

The effort by VU Answer

1) An alternative to translators

  1. Assembler

  2. Compiler

  3. Interpreter

  4. Mnemonics 

2) The sign of modulus is

  1. /

  2. \

  3. %

  4. -

3) This ___ view of the database is called a database model.

  1. theoretical

  2. conceptual Page no 253

  3. empirical

  4. logic

4) Which of following is not a phase of SDLC?

  1. Testing

  2. Problem identification 

  3. Requirement analysis

  4. Implementation

5) In modern computer applications, problems are more easily solved in the context of:

  1. Parallel processing Page no 209

  2. Traditional context

  3. Traditional processing

  4. Technology

6) 5%2 would give

  1. 0

  2. 1

  3. 2

  4. 5

7) Design phase is followed by ___

  1. Requirement analysis Page no 218

  2. Implementation

  3. Testing

  4. Maintenances

8) In particular the chart that indicates the entire game is overseen by a function named ___

  1. objects

  2. control game Page no 224

  3. function

  4. forms

9) The simplest form of array is the ___ array.

  1. multi-dimensional

  2. two-dimensional

  3. one-dimensional

  4. all of above

10) A Specific example is the ___ series of standards,         which address numerous industrial activities such as design, production, installation and servicing

  1. ISO 900 Page no 233

  2. IEEE

  3. ISO/IEC 15504

  4. SQA

11) A paradigm works on object called

  1. Imperative paradigm

  2. Declarative paradigm

  3. Functional paradigm

  4. Object-oriented paradigm

12) An object is actually a special case of the general concept of a

  1. coupling

  2. binding

  3. cohesion

  4. components

13) A significant example of iterative techniques is:

  1. Relational process

  2. Conventional process

  3. Rational unified process

  4. Unified process

14) If the result after comparison of two variables in relational operator is False, then if statement returns value

  1. 1

  2. No

  3. !

  4. 0

15) The description of the object’s properties is called

  1. Object

  2. Class

  3. Function

  4. Instance

16) A model which represents the shift away from strict adherence from the waterfall model is:

  1. Incremental model

  2. Waterfall model

  3. Spiral model

  4. Iterative model Page no 222

17) The loop control structure iterates a set of instructions based on the provided condition.

18) One example of an agile method is extreme programming (XP).

19) Factory Pattern is based on real time factory concept

20) The result of each intermediate step in the entire development process should be “tested” for accuracy.

21) Which of the following data type will be used for a variable having string of symbols and alphabets. Character

22) Which of the following language is related to functional paradigm. LISP 


24) Software engineering IS AN engineering discipline that is concerned with all aspects of software production

25) An object is actually a special case of the more general concept of a component

26) The major steps in the traditional software development life cycle are requirements

27) Analysis, design, implementation, and testing.

28) Design stages is about developing a solution to the problem.

29) Which is contrast to the imperative paradigm is the declarative paradigm.

30) black-box testing, which refers to tests that do not rely on knowledge of the software’s interior composition.

31) How many choices are possible when using a single lf-else statement? 2

32) Mathematicians refer to functional paradigm.

33) Each programming language tends to approach the parallel processing paradigm from its own point of view, resulting in different terminology.in Ada we use term Task for this purpose

34) The imperative paradigm, also known as the procedural paradigm, represents the traditional approach to the programming process.

35) While copyrights and software license agreements provide legal avenues to inhibit outright copying and unauthorized use of software.

36) control coupling, which occurs when a module passes control of execution to another, as in a function call

37) The Select Operation extracts rows from a relation.

38) The PROJECT operation extracts columns from a relation.

39) An array is a “rectangular” block of data whose entries are of the same type.

40) The problem known as the incorrect summary problem can arise if one transaction is in the middle of transferring funds from one account to another when another transaction tries to compute the total deposits in the bank.

41) A subschema is a description of only that portion of the database pertaining to a particular user’s needs.

42) Declarative Paradigms system is designed for general-purpose.

43) How do you initialize an array in C. int arr[3]={1,2,3}

44) We use information hiding to reduce unnecessary dependencies or effects on other modules.

45) A process which is used by the software industry to design, develop and test high quality software is known as software life cycle.

46) Stakeholders can be a government agency,

47) Ergonomic which deals with designing systems that harmonize with the physical abilities of humans.

48) Which of the following symbol is used as assignment operator in Ada. :=

49) Implementation stage that distinct between the tasks of a software analyst (sometimes referred to as a system analyst) and a programmer.

50) The node at the top is called the root node.

51) The links between objects in an object-oriented database are normally maintained by the DBMS,

52) In modern computer applications. problems or more easily solved in the context of parallel processing 2 traditional contact three traditional processing 4r technology.

53) In which of the following paradigms a program is constructed by connecting smaller predefined program units. functional paradigms

54) Which one of the following is the traditional approach of programming process. imperative paradigm

55) Which from the following is not a relational operator = => =! =% =

56) A significant example of iterative techniques is: Rational Unified Process

57) The ……… provides a standardized way of implementing success system that leads to a manageable solution. decorator pattern

58) In object-oriented paradigm each object will have its own collection of functions which is known as methods

59) Writing programs in a machine language is a tedious task that often leads to errors that must be located and corrected. debugging.

60) Correct syntax is if (condition) Statement A Else Statement B

61) is exemplified by two transactions each of which makes a deduction from the same account lost update problem

62) In If two modules interact with the same item of data then modifications made to one module may affect the other. data coupling

63) A paradigm works on object called object oriented paradigm

64) In the case of highly standardized languages, compiler designers often provide features, sometimes called machine language. language extensions

65) The syntax for using && is. cmd1 && cmd2

66) The set of instructions in a computer language to get the desired results is known as program

67) This description of the object’s properties is called a class.

68) A software license is a legal agreement between the owner and user of a software product that grants the user certain permissions to use the product without transferring ownership rights to the intellectual property.

69) Software development companies are establishing software quality assurance

70) (SQA) groups, which are charged with overseeing and enforcing the quality control systems adopted by the organization.

71) A tree is a collection whose entries have a hierarchical organization similar to that of an organization chart of a typical company.

72) In the case of large databases that are subject to heavy transaction loads, it is highly likely that a random snapshot will find the database in the middle of some transaction.

73) From a lay- person’s perspective, requirements analysis is often equated with what.

74) This conceptual view of the database is called a database model.

75) Which one is a Unary operator. NOT OPERATOR

76) A software license is a ___ between the owner and the user of a software product that grant the user certain permission to use the product without transferring ownership right to the intellectual property? Legal agreements

77) Which one is a unary operator? Not

78) If the result after comparison two variables in rational operator is false. Then if statement return values? 0

79) A process that is used by the software industry to design, develop and test high-quality software is known as software life cycle

80) The imperative paradigm is also known as the particular machine… procedural paradigm

81) Which software testing methodology is to develop the test of set data that ensures that each instruction in the software is executed at least once? Basis path testing



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CS101 Quiz 1 solution 2021
CS101 Solved Quiz 1 2021
CS101 Quiz 1

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