PAK301 Assignment 1 Solution 2021 - Pakistan Studies Assignment

PAK301 Assignment 1 Solution 2021 

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PAK301 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2021

Question No 1:

Do you think that Two Nation Theory became the basis of creation of Pakistan?

The Two Nation Theory is an ideology of religious nationalism which significantly influenced the Indian subcontinent from the British Empire According to this theory.

1. Muslims and Hindus are two separate nations with their own customs religions and tradition therefore from social and moral points of view Muslims should be able to have their own separate homeland outside of Hindu-majority India in which Islam is the dominant religion and be segregated.

2. The Two nation theory was developed by Muhammad Iqbal and Chaudhary Rehmat Ali and more ever they offered suggestion on the borders and the name of the Muslims state that they should be established under the two-nation theory. In 1930 speech of Allama Iqbal stamped on the two-nation theory and made it the reason for Pakistan creation. He said we are different from Hindus in all the ways and therefore we should get our own piece of land where we can live in peace and harmony.

3. According to Jinnah the establishment of Pakistan will have a direct impact on India’s peaceful and peaceful life –Jinnah state that the possibility of civil war could increase it there was no division.

4. The protest against Urdu language was another reason that showed Muslim that they were different from Hindus and they should get a separate land where they can live according to their rules.

5. The creation of Muslim league gave way to the two-nation theory to be establish ad fully into the hearts of Muslims and led to the creation of Pakistan.

6. When the congress was created, the Hindus took control of the party and started working for Hindus .it was a party that was created for all but they started working only Hindus.

7. The two-nation theory is the based on the hypothesis that Muslims differ from Hindus in term of religious, culture, social and daily life and that they must established an independent Muslims state in which they can live freely their identities.

Question No 2:  
What were the socio-economic and religious causes behind the War of Independence (1857)?


1.Muslims ruled the sub-continent for almost 1000 years and British came as traders and took over the government. The 1857. War was an effort to get back the power from the British. 

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2. The British officers of the east India company army often mistreated their Indian sepoy’s. Muslim soldiers were dubbed as cruel and all communities had to witness racial abuse in some or the other form as a result there was a lot of anger against the racial discrimination policy.

3. British as soon as they got power, they started stealing the sub-continents. Heritage and this were another reason behind the clash in 1857.British were taking over the small government and stop them from doing this the effort was done which is known as 1857 war of independence.

4. Corruption in administration the policy and petty officials of the company government were very corrupt. The wealthy often used loopholes in the law to their advantages whereas the common populace continued to be exploited under the British.

5. Muslims have always been aggressive about their religion after British got power, they attacked Muslim’s religion believers which lead to war the British introduced new bullets to the Indian army which were made from cows and pigs fats. The bullets shell was to be removed and then to be used. This was against the religious believers of both Hindus and Muslims. This became the sudden reason for the 1857 war of independence.

PAK301 Assignment 1 Solution 2021

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PAK301 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2021

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