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SOC101 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2021

SOC101 Assignment 1 Solution 2021. In this, we provide you solution for SOC101 Assignment 1 2021 you can also download the solution from here

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Total Marks: 20

Due Date: 31-May-2021

 1. Scenario:

Hamza is greatly inspired by the superior work ethics and products of American companies. That is why when he opened his company in Multan, his company rules were according to American companies. Even the dress code of his company was American inspired because he thinks that Shalwar Kameez is inappropriate. Identify and justify.

Identification: Xeno-centrism


  • According to the scenario Hamza is inspired by the American culture, their way of working therefore he is considering his own culture inferior.

  • Under this cultural pattern, one’s considering other’s culture superior to one’s own just like Hamza did.

  • Under this cultural pattern, one adopts the material or non-material aspects of another’s culture just like in the given scenario Hamza adopt their work ethics and even their dress code.

 2. Scenario:

Amna believes that Shalwar Kameez is a perfect dress for women because women's bodies should be fully covered. Last year when she visited America, she was very annoyed to see women in clothes that were revealing their bodies. She thought this was a sin and felt that her dressing style is better and superior to Americans. It indicates which cultural pattern, identify and justify.

Identification: Ethnocentrism


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  • In the given scenario Amna consider her dressing style better and superior than Americans under this cultural pattern people consider their own culture superior.

  • The practice of judging other’s culture like Amna did by the standard of one’s own culture takes place under this cultural pattern.

  • This given scenario indicates that comparison is made by Amna but supposing her culture superior and good.

 3. Scenario:

Fasih is a Pakistani who lives in Britain. In Pakistan, elders are treated with the utmost respect and it is the function of the family to provide and take care of the elders. When he was asked about his opinion about old age homes in Britain, he said that he understands the need for old homes in British society as most British men and women work and they cannot take care of the elders. So, the government has taken over this responsibility but he does not approve it in the Pakistani context. It indicates which cultural pattern, identify and justify.

Identification: Cultural Relativism


  • According to the given scenario, Fasih is understanding the culture of Britain but at the same time, he does not approve of such practice in the Pakistani context where he lives under this cultural pattern one judges the practice of others by its own standards.

  • Under this cultural pattern, people consider some practices useful in some contexts while not in others just like Fasih said.

  • Under this cultural pattern, one understands the cultural practices that are not typically part of one’s own culture.

 4. Scenario:

Ali lives in Canada. People from different religions and cultures live in the city he lives in. The local government equally accepts and respect the religious sentiments and cultural values of all communities. It shows which cultural pattern? Identify and justify.

Identification: Multiculturalism/Cultural Diversity


  • As given in the scenario that the local Canadian government accepts and respects the religious sentiments and values of all communities, under this cultural pattern cultural diversity is recognized and equality is promoted.

  • In this cultural pattern, the government follows such policies that accepting and promoting equal cultural tradition just like in the above scenario Canadian local government did.

  • This cultural pattern deals effectively and efficiently with the co-existence of diverse cultures and plurality within its sovereign just as mentioned in the above scenario.

SOC101 Assignment 1 Solution 2021


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