ZOO510 Assignment 1 Solution 2021


Z00510 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2021

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Audio Introduction:

“Please prepare your audio introduction file Time duration 5 minutes through any available device. Preferably Sound recorder of the Windows”

Course name and code (30 sec

Today I am going to discuss the Subject with the Course-name. My Course name is Economic Zoology and my course code is ZOO510…

*Your Introduction (2minutes)

 Now I would like you to Introduce my Self. My name is (Your Name) son of/daughter of (Your Father Name). I am ………years old. Basically, I am from Karachi. I am a self-motivated, hardworking, and well-disciplined boy/girl. Coming to my family, apart from my parents, I have a younger brother. My father is a Dr. and my Mother is a House Wife.  I am very hard working. My truthness is my passion and my family is my peace. I like to Play Football. My goal is to reach a higher position in a Company. I am doing BS------- from Virtual University by profession. I am working in a Bank for the last few years. Biology is my favorite subject and I have a good command of my subject. I like to read books and Novels. I am always being stood good position in the class. I am always taking part in curricular activities and work.


 Your academic Background (1 minute)


I got my primary education from a (Your school name). I got 1st position in the middle examination and get excellent marks in board exams. I did my Matriculation from  Punjab College with first division and I also did my intermediate also from Punjab College with 1st division. I am working in a Bank for the last 2 years. Now I am doing BS Zoology with (3rd  Semester) from Virtual of Pakistan. In the previous three semesters. I got a good CGPA. This period was a great learning period for me.

The Views about the course (1 minute)

The View about Economic zoology is that it deals with the application of zoological knowledge for the benefit of mankind. It includes animal culturing for mass production for the use of humans. And to control or eradicate animals that are injurious to man directly or indirectly. Different types of farming include subsistence farming, Poultry farming, Fish farming, mixed farming, nomadic herding, commercial plantation, livestock rearing, etc. Farming involves rearing animals and growing crops for raw materials and foods. It is an important part of agriculture. These are actually coming under the scope of Economic Zoology. So according to my point of view, this subject is very important and very useful in major science subjects.

Expectations about the course (30 sec)

After learning this subject, I expect that we are able to improve the Life of human beings and Animals from many aspects. Like Zoologists can examine the lifestyle and survival process of animals and make a good atmosphere for their recovery and population growth and also for humans. And also able to know that how the animals behave and interact with each other and how their living environments are. It makes a huge impact on our world through the scientific study of the evolution, physiology, habitats, anatomy, behavior, and health of animals and humans. It includes diverse approaches such as molecular genetics, electron microscopy, and field ecology.


Z00510 Assignment 1 Solution 2021


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