ZOO507 Assignment 1 Solution 2021

ZOO507 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2021

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ZOO507: Principles of Animal Ecology
Audio Introduction:

“Please prepare audio introduction file through any available device. Preferably Sound recorder of the Windows”

Course name and code (30 sec

Today I am going to discuss the Subject with the Course-name. My Course name is Principles of Animal Ecology my course code is ZOO507.

Your Introduction (2minutes)

Now I would like you to Introduce my Self. My name is (Your Name) son of/daughter of (Your Father Name). I am ………years old. Basically, I am from Karachi. I am a self-motivated, hardworking, and well-disciplined boy/girl. Coming to my family, apart from my parents, I have a younger brother. My father is a Dr. and my Mother is a House Wife.  I am very hard working. My truth is my passion and my family is my peace. I like to Play Football. My goal is to reach a higher position in a Company. I am doing BS------- from Virtual University by profession. I am working in a Bank for the last few years. Biology is one of my favorite subjects and I have a good command of my subject. I am always being stood 1st in class. I am always taking part in circular activities.

Your academic Background (1 minute) 

I got my primary education from a (Your school name). I got 1st position in the middle examination and get excellent marks in board exams. I did my Matriculation from Punjab College with first division and I also did my intermediate also from Punjab College with 1st division. I am working in a Bank for the last 2 years. Now I am doing BS Zoology with (3rd Semester) from Virtual of Pakistan. In the previous three semesters. I got a good CGPA. This period was a great learning period for me.

The Views about course (1 minute)

Animal ecology concerns with the relationships of the individuals to their environments, and including their physical factors and the other organisms, and the consequences of these relationships for the evolution, regulation and population growth and interactions between species, and the composition of the biological communities, and the energy flow. Two general principles guide the study of the animal's ecology. One of these is a balance of nature, which states that the ecological systems are regulated in approximately steady states. The second principle is that the populations exist in a dynamic relationship to their environments and that these relationships may cause the ecological systems to vary dramatically over time and space.


Expectations about the course (30 sec)

After this course, we concern relationships of individuals to environments, including the factor of physical and other organisms. In the interactions of organism and environment study and interaction across ecosystems. Study of animal ecology aspect the evolution of population growth and their regulation.


ZOO507 Assignment 1 Solution 2021

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Z00507 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2021

Z00507 Assignment 1 Solution 2021

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