MCD403 Assignment 1 Solution 2021 - Music Production Assignment


MCD403 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2021

This Post Provide you MCD403 Assignment 1 Solution 2021. Provide you MCD403 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2021. Download VU Assignment Solution from Vu answer.


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Question No 01:

Do you think, while producing the song, the producer failed to identify the production's goals and purposes, or he/she failed to analyze the audience or the selection of the singers was not suitable for the song? Discuss by giving your point of view.

The PSL 6 song was heavily criticized by the people of Pakistan because it was not well designed. There were many flaws in it. And its composer was Zulfiqar Jaber.

Production steps were not fully followed in this song.

Singer Choice

The biggest mistake was made in this selection of the singer because Nseebolal is a Punjabi singer. She was not fully fit for this song.
Above all his dressing did not match this song and his personality at all and people did not even think that Naseebolal would perform the PSL six songs.

In terms of this song, the back ground of this music was not chosen properly and it was tired to look like Nseebolal, Noor Jahan which did not suit them at all. Not designed properly not followed attraction step who attract the people.

The song was not well-mixed to get people’s attention and the words are hard to understand Which one of the biggest problems with mixing background with voice sp the world is not fully clear people understand this song.

Question No 2:

Suppose if you were the writer of the song for PSL Ed.6th, write five lines lyrics for it considering the nature of the occasion?

Dunya ko daikha ha Psl KO UTHANA HA
Ya ha cricket k masla jisy hr jaga pa rula ha
Yeah cricket ki Jang ham dekhy ga sub k sang
Jo daikhy ga wo jhomy ga or gaye ga
Dunya ko dikhana ha PSL uthana ha

MC403 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2021


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MCD403 Assignment Solution 2021

Music Production Assignment Solution 2021

Download MCD403 Assignment 1 Solution

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