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BIO201 Assignment 2 Solution 2021

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Due Date: 12-July-2021

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Why meiosis is known as a reduction phase? Justify and explain. 


Meiosis-I is referred as decrease stage since when the cell is changed over from a diploid (2n) cell to a haploid (N) cell, the quantity of chromosomes are diminished when the two girl cells are made. It brings about the decrease of the chromosome number from diploid (cell has two duplicates of every chromosome, one maternal and one fatherly chromosome) to haploid (cell has just one duplicate of every chromosome, either maternally-inferred or in a fatherly way - determined chromosome). During meiosis in people, 1 diploid cell (with 23 sets of chromosomes) goes through 2 patterns of cell division yet just 1 round of DNA replication. The outcome is 4 haploid girl cells known as gametes or egg and sperm cells (each with 23 chromosomes – 1 from each pair in the diploid cell).

Meiosis is known as a decrease stage on the grounds that the chromosome number in the cells (gametic cells) after meiosis is split, or diminished in the event that you like. In spite of the fact that we allude to meiosis as an atomic division (it's anything but a cell division, this occurs after the atomic division), it is two divisions - known as meiosis-I and meiosis-II. It is during the second atomic division that the decrease happens. This happens in light of the fact that there is no chromosome replication between the two divisions. Since meiosis is two atomic divisions, the result of meiosis is 4 girl cells that have a chromosome praise that is one a large portion of that of the parental cell. On the off chance that the parental cell was diploid, the gametes will be haploid. This is significant in light of the fact that it gives an instrument to clarify Mendel's laws of legacy. The primary meiotic division is a unique one, where recombination between chromosome homologues happens, and we can see this occurrence outwardly by the development of chiasmata. So we have not just an instrument to clarify free isolation and grouping of qualities on an atomic chromosome yet we have likewise a system to clarify linkage, a significant special case for Mendel's subsequent law.

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