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BIO204 GDB Solution Spring 2021

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Describe the role of antifoam during the fermentation process. 

Also, give three examples of commonly used antifoams.


Antifoaming agents are substances that are applied prior to foam formation in order to prevent foaming while defoamers are compounds applied after foam formation in order to suppress it.

Industrial antifoam agents impair ethanol fermentation and decrease yeast cell viability, inducing a clear stress response in an industrial strain under conditions. 

Antifoam is a chemical that is a crucial part of many commercial fermentation processes. The types of defoamers and their mode of operation are also presented in a simple model which simulates foam growth as functions of defoamer concentration air hold-up, reactor volume, and airflow rate.


1. Insoluble oils

2. Alcohols

3. Glycols

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