CS507 Quiz 2 Solved 2021 - Information System MCQs with Answer

CS507 Quiz 1 Solved 2021, Information System Quiz

A Solved CS507 Quiz 1 with Answer. Information System MCQs Question with Answer.

CS507 QUIZ 1 SOLVED 2021

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1. ___ is a form of communication in object-oriented programming.

a) Inheritance

b) chatting

c) data communication

d) Message passing

2. In Flowchart, Arrow is called ___

a) Process

b) Link line

c) Dotted line

d) Flowline

3. Which of the following is the process that defines the hardware and software architecture, components, modules, interfaces, and data for a computer system?

a) Requirement

b) Systems Design

c) Coding

d) Systems Requirement

4. In ERD, each attribute has a ___ i.e. defined parameters or the range in which value of the attribute may fall.

a) Value Set (domain)

b) Relationship (association)

c) Entity (Object)

d) Flow (sequence)

5. Inheritance can be defined in terms of ___

a) Has kind of

b) Is kind of

c) Is similar to

d) Is based on

6. Polymorphism can be defined in terms of ___

a) Having inherited features

b) Having direct access to a system

c) Having many forms

d) Having private data

7. Which of the following is an incorrect statement about Good Practices of Flowchart?

a) The flowchart should be clear, neat and easy to follow

b) Every flowchart must have a connector

c) It is useful to test the validity of the flowchart

d) There should not be any room for ambiguity in understanding the flowchart

8. In flow chart diagram circle represents:

a) Connector

b) Diamond

c) Decision

d) Process

9. Object-orientation helps in increasing abstraction level to build ___

a) Fixed software

b) Reusable software

c) Installed software

d) New software

10. The study of business problem domain used to recommend improvements and specify the business Requirement for the solution is called:

a) System Design

b) Risk Analysis

c) System Analysis

d) Risk Management

11. Temporal CSPs result from ___

a) Internal organization needs and changes

b) Technological changes

c) Environmental changes

d) Economic changes

12. While developing software object-oriented analysis focuses on ___

a) Incremental approach

b) Modular approach

c) Traditional approach

d) Derived approach 

CS507 Quiz 1
Information System Quizzes MCQs Question and Answer
CS507 Quiz 1 Solved

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