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ENG201 Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2021

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Question 1:

A report is a formal document that elaborates on a topic using facts, charts, and graphs to support its arguments and findings. Reports are often used to display the result of an experiment, investigation, or inquiry. In the table below, there is a description given of various types of reports which are used in business enterprise. Recall your knowledge about report writing and write the appropriate type of report in front of the given statements.




Types of report


This report updates information about a project.

Progress Reports


This report assesses potential solutions to the business problem or opportunity.

Feasibility Report


Reports the results of a study and uses data derived from actual observation or experimentation

Research Report


This report contains information on outcomes, results, and efficiencies, and other things that are directly related to the companies/groups success.

General Report


These reports offer both information and analysis, and they can also purpose recommendations.

Analytical reports

Question 2:

Suppose you are the in-charge of the COVID-19 vaccination center of your area. Send a progress report, using the given super-structure, for the month of June-2021, to the CEO of Health of your district.


Superstructure for Progress Report


Facts and Discussion

Emphasizing Important Findings and Problems





     C.E.O. The health of District Lahore


         In-charge of COVID-19 \vaccination center

            Govt College Lahore

Subject: Progress Report of Vaccination for the month of June-2021

In continuation of your order reference no. 2345 dated 01-07-2021, here is the progress report of vaccination for the month of June-2021

In this report, I will cover all data about vaccination as well as our staff progress about the complete given target by the government. Different people have a different opinion about COVID-19 and their behavior about taking the vaccination. Most importantly, I will include some suggestions for you and the higher authority for the vaccination of every person in our area.

Our government taking important steps regarding awareness about the Pandemic situation of COVID and how’s important vaccination dose for himself and their family like messages during calls, messages through media, etc. In this regard, a number of people register themselves on 1166 and take vaccination doses.

For the month of June 2021, 6789 people reached the vaccination center. In these people, a total of 4540 people get their first dose, and the remaining 2249 people get their 2nd dose and issued vaccination certificates through the Online system of NADRA. I am happy to tell you that 65% of vaccinators are over 40 years of age and the remaining 35% are between 18 and 40 years of age. And, about 70% of them are men and 30% are women.

If I analyze the above data and recent data, I can expect an increasing figure day by day. In this view, according to government instruction, a separate counter has been created for government servants only. But this is a shortage of staff who handle a number of people and follow SOP regarding COVID-19. There is a limited place outside at waiting area for people.

If I conclude the above discussion, then I can say that vaccination is important for everyone. And, the government is very serious in this situation and giving awareness to people. People are responding very well and increasing figures day by day. Our staff has the ability to step down Pandemic situations.

According to the above discussion, my recommendation is increasing staff should first priority because more staff can handle people in a limited time and can follow the SOP issued by Government. 2-3 tents must issue to our vaccination center for a waiting area where all people sit according to SOP. A water cooler is required for people because the summer season is at peak level. No dosses are sufficient and can hope government should provide dosses in time as per previous practices.

I can hope this brief progress report of you and you can brief to a higher authority.



In charge Vaccination Center Govt College Lahore

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