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“Although we live in an information technology age, we often find ourselves in failure to communicate situations”. Comment on the given statement.


This is an adage by Johnny Tan. Indeed, the facts confirm that in spite of the fact that we are living in the period of data innovation, yet we are neglected to impart adequately much of the time. 

Data innovation has an incredible effect in an accompanying manner. 

1) Impact on relational correspondence: The current age needs fundamental relational abilities (the capacity to communicate thoughts and musings to others vis-à-vis). A significant justification for this inclination is correspondence through messaging and visiting on sites. 

2) Effect on nonverbal correspondence: Technological means have additionally influenced nonverbal correspondence. The absence of eye-to-eye association has decreased the nonverbal getting a handle on the force of people. 

3) Near yet far: Teenagers particularly are constantly snared to the informal communication locales. Correspondence is missing, guardians are not innovation sharp and not used to the correspondence styles of their children, and this has expanded the age hole. 

4) Reduced social connections: Life has changed a ton; there are no friendly gatherings and parties. Individuals are more worried about their online life instead of genuine public activity. 

5) Has prompted numerous addictions: People have in a real sense become dependent on the Internet and mobile phones, and this has prompted numerous uneasiness problems. Individuals’ fixation causes them to feel desolate and segregated.


Search any 10 examples where some words give different semantic shades in different Pakistani Cultures which are cultural shocks for language speakers.


1. ‘Highway’ and ‘Motorway’. ‘Motorways’ have been named as M1, M2 etc. but ‘Highway’ could be any road connecting two cities.

2. ‘Garden’ and ‘Backyard’. The Garden is not part of the house but ‘Backyard’ or ‘Courtyard’ is an integral part of a house. The informants took ’Garden’ as a ‘Public Park’.

3. ‘Gas station’ and ‘Petrol station’. ‘Gas station’ can be seen as synonym for ‘CNG station’ but with ‘Petrol’ they are preferred as ‘Pump’.

4. ‘Pants’ and ‘Trousers’ in that ‘Pants’ refer to formal dressing while ‘Trousers’ refer to ‘sports pajama’.

5. ‘Radio’ and ‘Wireless’. ‘Radio’ telecasts programs broadcast by the radio station, on the while ‘Wireless’ could be any electronic device used without wires.

6. ‘ATM’ (Automatic Teller Machine) but the informants could not readily recognize ‘Teller’ as ‘Cashier’. ‘

7. ‘Sneakers’ and ‘Trainers’ have been seen as just a kind of sports shoes hence ‘Joggers’

has been preferred.

8. ‘Vacation’ and ‘Holiday’. ‘Vacation’ being several holidays and ‘Holiday’ as a single off day’.

9. ‘Sweater’ and ‘Jersey’. ‘Sweater’ is sleeveless and ‘Jersey’ is full sleeve.

10. ‘Lorry’ is used for bus. It is used in the regional language ‘Punjabi’ or in ‘Urdu’ in such expressions as ‘Lorry adda’.

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