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Barriers to Communication (Lecture 9)


Communication barriers can include anything that prevents or disable communicators to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time, or a receiver to get the message at the right time.

Unfavorable environmental conditions can act as a barrier to communication leading to wrong perceptions. 

Discuss it in a logical manner.


Several environmental barriers in communication including external noise, time, physical distance, space, climate, and place.

External Noise one of the most recognized environmental barriers to communication because it makes it difficult or impossible for people to hear one another. External noise also changes physical cues because a person might need to shout to be heard and will need to alter the way that they deliver communication.

Another environmental barrier is the climate. If the temperature is too high or too cold, then people can become agitated, frustrated, and uncomfortable.

The place where the communication takes place can also be another environmental barrier.

Places, where there is not enough space for conversion or places where there are too many people nearby, can lead to altered communication. Other problems, such as poor lighting and uncomfortable furniture, can make people impatient and initiate conflict.

The physical distance between two people will also affect the way that they are able to communicate with one another.

Space will help to provide good communication; however, when personal space is invaded, a person may feel threatened or annoyed. When the two people are two far apart, then mistrust may occur and the parties may take everything with a negative connotation due to the far distance between them.

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