BT102 Current Final Term Paper 2021

BT102 Current Final Term Paper 2021

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Secondary and primary immune system long

Viroid’s in Details

Fungal drugs

Hypersensitivity long and short

7:30am paper bt102 

28 feb 2021 long questions fungi economic importance 5 marks.

antifungal drugs names hypersensitive definition it's four types    incidence and prevalence how microbes develop resistance of antigens antigens presenting cell?

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1 Reverse transcription

2 type II Hypersenstivity and its treatmeny

3 Define morbidity,mortality,pathogenicity

4 clonal select…

BT102 today paper at 4.30.                               

Q1) Hypersensitivity and it's types.   

Q2 ) Types of algae. 

Q3) Define plaque.   

Q 4) Economic benefits of fungi 

Q5) Spectrum of drugs. 

Q) Consequence of viral infection. 

Q) what is Endemic, Epidemic and  pandemic.


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BT102. 28-2-21. 7:30.

Q31.Factors affecting Location of Algae in the ocean. (2).

Q32.Role of TH cells in colonal selection. (2).

Q33.Drugs inhibit proteins synthesis. (2)

Q34.Types of symbiosis. (3).

Q35.Acid Fast staining process. (3)

Q36.Mode of action of chloramphenol, streptomycin,  tetracycline. (3)

Q37.Stages and process of viral replication. (5)

Q38.How antibodies defend? (5)

Q39.Causes and treatment of anaphylaxis. (5).


1.Primary immune response produces mainly .....antibodies. 

2.Mast cells degranulate and secretes mediators of inflammation. 

3. Penicillin attacks.....

4.Thickness of capsule depends upon....

5.Each B cell has unique antibody molecules against one epitope only.

6.Antibodies have 2 heavy and.....light chains. 

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