BT201 Current Final Term Paper 2021 - VU Answer

BT201 Current Final Term Paper 2021

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1.what is phylogeny

2.what is torpor

3.cherecter of protoza

4.define nutrint and its cycle

5.what is binomal culture

6.define codon nad nonsnce codon ansd relationship of genotype and pheno type

7.influence factor of decompostion

8factor invloved in community shape.

9.Impottance of protists

10.benifit of multi.called??

Bt201 at 11:30

Codon, nonsense codon and relationship of genotype and phenotype 10 marks.

Define genetic drift.2 marks

Importance of protists.

Mode of reproduction in amoeba.

Factors affecting decomposition.

Exotic predator change the structure of food web.

 Half Mcqs from Imran file and half from ppts.

Today paper. Bt201


1.What is meant by photosynthetic response? 

2.Give a example of species foundation?

3.Describe the feeding mode of amoeba?

4 Describe the exotic predator how destrub the structure of food web?

5.Describe the contributions of Clausen, keek, and Hiesey?

6.Define gene? Describe its characteristics.

7.What is keystone species.? In detail

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