BT401 Current Final Term Paper 2021 - VU Answer

BT401 Current Final Term Paper 2021

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All mcqs from past


1. What is the major loss of genetic diversity (2)

2. Define invasive species (2)

3. When and where Nagoya protocol is proposed. (2)

4. What is the role of cryoprotectant in cryopreservation. (3)

5. Who is responsible for botanical garden (3).

8. Briefly explain the freezing method of cryopreservation (5)

9. what are the methods to conserve the plant genetic resource (5)

10. FGR Wala. Long (10)

Bt401 7:30

What is the role of cryoprotectant in cryopreservation. 3

Primary objective of category VI .2

When and where nogaya protocol held? 2

Game reserve 2

Law and legislation 2

Climate factors affecting on FGR? Also its effects on other organisms live there 10

How genetic resource of FGR matter.  5

Future of cryopreservation. 5

Paper BT401

Objectives 80%from past files especially year of different things... 


FGR long q 10 

Marine and terrestrials water act 1976-5

Three pillars of the Ramsar -5

Category III-2

cartegena protocol-3

Tissue Cultural advantage -2

Who is responsible for botanical garden-3

Bt401 2:30pm, 27 feb

👉🏻define protected area

👉🏻Historical background of CBD 

👉🏻Role of cryopreservation in cryoprotectants

👉🏻 effect of climate change on invertebrates

👉🏻features of habitat species management 

🔥Long 10marks

👉🏻Discuss the impact of climate change on FGR. Also discuss how this changing climate 

effect organism which is associated with trees?


Botanical garden

Role of botanical garden in conservation

Historical background of ramsar convention 

Disadvantage of DNA bank 

Extreme weather effect of invertebrate genetic resource

Long question 

Fgr 10 marks 

Objective from past most abbreviations

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