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1) whenever a population is to be studied for a particular parameters, representative samples are taken out instead of collecting the data from the whole population. mention two reasons why this is done? (2)

2) what are the two basic rules for code construction? (2)

3)   what are the procedure for implementing the narrative research? (2)

(4)   mention any 3 different types of literature review method? (3)

(5)   write  a short note on validity in experiment? (3)

(6)   what is difference b/w narrative research and phenomological study? (3)

(7)   write a note on several ways to protect the confidentially in research? (5)

(8)   what are the different thing that on must keep in mind while making table to present one's research? (5)

BT406  Date 10.09.2020 Time 11:00 am

Q1 Qualitative & quantitative research?

Q2 What is case study? Explain 3 characteristics?

Q3 Explain challenges faced?

Q4 What is communication analysis in research method?

Q5 What is narrative research & phenomenological study?

Q6 Validity problems in secondary data

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