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CS101 Current Final Term Paper 2021

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Cs101 Paper 27-02-2021


Q1: Different B/W high-level language and low-level language?

Q2: what is register and it use?

Q3: how to define syntax of array?

Q4: What is parts of insert ribbon in MS word?

Q5: How many type of sorts in MS Excel?

Q6: Formula of sum to add row 3 and address of containing cell 6?

Q7: Geometric characteristics?

Q8: write project of all teachers form teacher then student has greater than 100?

9:style is predifined in ms word can we customize own style in MS Word?

10:Match column A to B and write in column C

Arithmetic operation on data.........

A use of stack.....

A use of Internet....

In c++......


1:MS word main insert ma paragraph kahan par ata hai

2:__ of multiple rows and column(two dimensions)

paper of CS101

Topics 187 to 234 yeh lazmi yad krny hai ms word, Excel and PowerPoint. In me sey bht questions thy 1 long tha excel formula wala easy tha or 2 short ms word me sey thy new bullets or web layout and print layout. Thk ho gia or 1 sawal yeh tha difference between process and thread? Or 1 long question code k bary me tha 

ing ()


B=5 code output btani thi

Or 1 question google discontinue tool in 2011 is trha ka tha.

Mcqs bht easy thy short lectures sun k jao gy tu clear ho jaye gy In Shaa Allah.

CS101 Today paper

1.Control loop structure is ki definition di hwi thi or mention krna tha k kis cheez ki definition ha or structure likhna tha is ka 

2. Disease caused by e wastes

3.  excel ka table dia hwa tha us mn excel sum or average ka formula likhna tha

4.write options available in a document at the top of content of document and at the bottom of document

5. Output of given loop structure

Long question

1. Software Development Life Cycle name mention krne the

2. Mention steps to write data of ms excel spreadsheet in ms word document

Cs101 ——28-02-21

Mcqs were from whole book , 60% from after midterm syllabus , 40% from before midterm syllabus.

SQ —

-Write two shortcut keys of selecting a text

-what are operations of Stack

-data structure in. Which statement is repeated once it is true

-Ms excel ka formula tha 

-data design ka question 


-difference b/W imperative and declarative paradigm

-Ms Excel formulas of finding mean and finding lowest marks from the given table

-Ms word selection, and selection of  special objects



1- Compiler and Editor come under which software;

2- SLDC interaction of system with outside world is called what?

3- To apply the stored program concept, cpu are designed to recognize instructions encoded as__?

4- Black box testing is also know as___&?

5- The amount of paper american use in a year is about___?

6- Hackers may attach____if you search for free music.

7- all network traffic of the lan must pass through___

8- Carring out illegal online transections and damaging activities is due to _ 9- there are fundamental application for software verification

Short Questions

1- Write the full form of the following abbreviations;



2- What is the major obstacle in developing programming system based on the d…



.purpose of select query

.how to insert trade mark.

.If someone want to build software suggest him a technique.


.abriviation lifo and fifo.

.phases of SDLC.

.two robots used to examine vein and blood.

Cs101 ...

1.list two effects on environment when throwing away e-waste(5)

2.why delete used in ms access... Also its SQL syntax(3)

3. Define requirements analysis, design phase(5)

4. Use project operation(3) 

5. List events when process waits (3)


What is placeholder?

Truth table of AND function?

Excel formula for obtaining max. Sales count. By numbers and by city?

Twitter and facebook which type of website category? 

Ms excel-words and general mcqs.. 

Compiler and editor mcqs. 

Mcqs related to tree and branches..


Paper zaida 23 to 45 sy aya 2 mcqs or 1 short 3 nmber ka mid syllabus sy a'ay

Q: World first Computer program kis ny likha or kis computer ky liya likha gya ?

2: Credit Card Fraud kya hai kaisay avoid kiya ja sakta hai

3: Website design krtay waqat capital letters use krny chahiya ya small letters?

4: Valid/ Invalid Event handlers mention krain

5: Dos attack kay 3 step likhain

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