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CS301 Current Final Term Paper 2021

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Paper 1:

Cs301 Current Paper Question

Q-Constructer tree using union find the data structure, relation are as given below.


Q-What is the main purpose of adding dummy nodes in a treated binry tree.

Q-Name of three-element sorting algorithm.

Q- Making parse Tree for the following... ((d*e+f)*g)

Q-Applying insertion sort algorithm on the following 77,33,44,11,88,22,66,55

R min heap ka 1 questions tha 1 tree dia howa tha r btana tha k min hai k mex r uska index table bana tha..

2. Aj Mera cs 301 k paper tha 

Mcqs bht easy rhy mery or 


1) AVL tress k according binary tree bana hai 

2) Tree k insertion kro is value ki

3) Tree ma delection krna 

4) Array 

5) skip list k steps likho

But tress k bht aya tha but Alhumduillah Acha paper ho gYa easy tha

3. Cs301 paper Timing 9:30AM 

2 March 2021

80% Mcqs fr0m past papers moaz waqr files 


HOW the disjoint set is better than the Boolean matrix?

Write three important facts of building a heap?

D/f between quick sort or merge sort?

Or AVL tree bana tha us mae sey key value find krni the..?

Or Hash tree bana tha values or frequency di the unka hash table bnana Tha?

Cs302 today paper

1.Name two types of SRAM

2. Name two logic on the memory cell

3. Gated Sr latcg

4.boolean expression

5.d flop transition table

4. Today my papers is cs301 .           

 Mcqs almost past papers ma sy aye thy koi 3. Sy 4 mcqs book ma aye thy.          Questions............4 question tree bnna wly thy min heap k 2 or AVL tree or threaded binary tree .... ye tree banni thi charoo ..           bobble short ka aik question..........how we generat maaz with algorithm. ........  Or aik hash table ka aya tha

5. Cs301 Today's Paper 07.03.2021


Mostly from Waqar Siddu

Rest Conceptual based

Short and Long {Conceptual} 

Binary Tree



Convert tree to Array


Single Linked List Coding



6. Cs 301 today paper

(4 March) 6:30pm

what is the heapsort problem

what is a quad node

make a frequency table off the following phrase

"It is Well"

iv) Use in paragraphs when you are tracking the development of one situation…

CS301 Current Paper 2021


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