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CS302 GDB Solution Spring 2021

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GDB Topic:

You are required to program a PAL device to design a 64-bit counter. The stated PAL can be programmed using ABEL (Advanced Boolean Expression Language) and VHDL (Verilog Hardware Descriptive Language). Which programming technology would you use to accomplish the task outlined considering the constraints given below?

  • Code Complexity

  • Flexibility

  • Cost


IDEA Answer:

ABEL (Advanced Boolean Expression Language) programming technology is best to program a PAL device in order to design a 64-bit counter. Because it is an easy-to-understand and uses a programming language that allows the user to describe the function of logic circuits. 

ABEL is a simpler language than VHDL and Verilog. ABEL can be used to describe the behavior of the system in a variety of forms including logic equations truth tables and state diagrams using c Language statements. 


In my point of view, Flexibility is the best for this scenario due to

> Highly efficient.

> Low production cost as compared to PLA.

> Highly secure. High Reliability. 

> Low power is required for working.


According to the given scenario Flexibility, programming technology is used to accomplish the task. Because PAL or programming array logic there is finite functions that can be implemented PAL have programmable AND array and fixed or array. PAL can be designed with a collection of AND gates and a fixed collection of OR gates. The availability of PAL is less prolific & the flexibility of PAL programming is more. The cost of PAL is expensive & the number of afflictions implemented in PAL is large.

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