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CS304 Current Final Term Paper 2021

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CS304- Object Oriented Programming Subjective

Q: 42: Write the names of two types of Templates. MARKS: 2

Answer:- (Page 256) a. Function Templates (in case we want to write general function like printArray) b. Class Templates (in case we want to write general class like Array class)

Q: 42: Describe the way to declare a template function as a friend of any class. 2marks

Answer:- (Page 294)

template< class T > class B { int data;

friend void doSomething( T ); // granting friendship to template doSomething in // class B

friend A< T >; // granting friendship to class A in class B };

Q: 43: Can a constructor throw an exception? How to handle the errors, when the constructor fails?

Answer:- Yes, Constructor can throw an exception But In constructor if an exc…

Cs304today paper 11 :30

Diriver class or base class ki difination or output

Mcqs mostly past papers sy aye

Inheritance ki difination

Tsl types

 Programming k 4 questions aye thy long ma


Total question are 39 ...in which  32 mcqs and 4 long questions and 3 question of 3 marks

Paper is easy but conceptual

Short question

Expert power is effective what you think?

Cs304 today paper

●Template ka eik program code kra tha

● inheritance or types

●overloading overidding

●eik program tha jis mein C++ ko code krna tha 

●eik program m output show karwani thi

●eik program pora dea howa tha os mein values add kreani thi

Today  may cs304 paper 

 Mostly mcqs from past paper

C++ code given tha out put batanii thi

Write c++ code that use try Cath block in member initialization list of any class 

Relation ship drived and base class 

What is direct base class give c++ code 

C++ code given find virtual inheritance

Cs304 paper :11:30

Mcqs handout se ty r conceptual ty

2 program ki output likhni ti

Handling error k nam btane ty

Tamplate r static template 

Complex &object ka 1 program likhna tha

 1 virtual function ka question ta

Aj Mera cs 301 k paper tha 

Mcqs bht easy rhy mery or 


1) AVL tress k according binary tree bana hai 

2) Tree k insertion kro is value ki

3) Tree ma delection krna 

4) Array 

5) skip list k steps likho

But tress k bht aya tha but Alhumduillah Acha paper ho gYa easy tha

Cs304 time 2:30 Monday 

MCQs 30% from moaz/ waqaar file... MCQs 1: which of the following can be the disadvantage of using templates?

MCQ2: simple association in term of number of object is also called___?


Q:Write c++ code to inherit a partial specialization from a complete specialization?

Q;Write c++ code for function which perform case sensitive comparison of two strings?Hint: you can also use built in function/of string class.

Q:write a code for student class which shows how are in initialization list?

Q: code given tha us ki last line ye thi ..tell the static type of pointer variable B and D?

Q:write a code C++  for students class which shows how a exception are thrown in initialization list?

cs304 paper today 2:30pm 20/02/2020

---- mostly mcqs conceptual .

--- output of program

--- output of program

--- detect error and give output

--- copy constructor and post assignment operator example

--- template code

--- Template code with friend class

Cs304 11:30 04-03-2021

Mcqs quiz or moaz ki file se thy...

Short long question

1 catch block  syntax likhna tha..

2 code dia tha error likhna tha..

3 ak program tha k code compile q ni ho ga..

4 ak program bna k dia tha k agr compile ho jy to  output Kia ho gai...

5 Ak private public protected wala question tha table fill krna tha..

6 Ak long tha k overloading or overriding ka program bnana tha parent child k sath..

7 ak long program tha inheritance exception ka bnana mjy ni aya half bnya..

8 ak program tha k error Kia hai or q hai or set krna tha... short tha ye..


 4 McQ from past paper remaining from handouts...


 1) code given tha us main btana tha k base class kon c hai aur derived class kon c hai aur output btani thi..

 2) code given tha catch block ka uski output btani thi...

 3) indirect base class with coding example..

 4) code given tha error find krna tha..

 5) do statement di hoi thi ham NY btana tha donu statement main function overloading kes k liay use hogha aur function template kes k liay use hoga..

 6) function likhna tha case sensitive ka string ko compare krny k liay...

 7) class bnani thi aur us main isleapyear function declare krna tha.. or ik question

  template ka code given tha output likhni thi...

 9) coding example likhni thi try catch block ki...

 10) aik program diya hoa tha aur aik table given tha Jes main hamain btana tha k base class ki kon c values main function main use houn ghi( and yes no main Dena tha)

CS304  Today Paper 27-02-2021 ,09:30am

Mcqs handouts sy kuch conceptual thy and 3,4 moaz ki file sy thy bki file mn nay nahi ki thi so no idea k un mn say aya k nahi.....

Subjective part:

Error handling sy aya tha 1 Question.....

2 questions me output btani and 2nu kafi lengthy ty 1 virtual functions sy related tha....

Jab k 1 template sy tha....

Us k bd 1 Question inheritance sy tha....

Bki sary programs likhny tha...

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