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CS304 GDB Solution Spring 2021

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GDB Topic:

Suppose a company “ABC” is conducting a test to hire you as OOP Developer and asked you develop a calculator for the basic Arithmetic operators (+, -, *, /, %), where you have to deal at least 11digit numbers. The numbers can be of with decimal point or without decimal point. The company wants you to develop an efficient code. You can choose any of the following options to develop this whole scenario:

  •          Function Overloading            

  •          Class Template

You have to answer, which option will you choose and arguments in favour of your chosen option regarding code efficiency, code complexity and other factors.


We prefer function overloading because we know if we develop a calculator most of the functions have multiple different parameters with same name of various type of arguments that can call in program.

Most of the time programmer does not remembers different function name that’s why we call a function on different name and giving more functionality on it.

Advantages of Overloading

1) The function can perform different operations and hence eliminates the use of different function names for the same kind of operations.

2) Program becomes easy to understand and easy maintainability of the code moreover function overloading brings flexibility in C++ programs.

3) It improves code readability and allows code reusability and code maintenance also becomes easier.

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