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CS403 Current Final Term Paper 2021

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Cs403 Today's my paper

Totally. Mcqs conceptual

No. One definition 

No. One question just 


Leacture 37 to 43

Mostly mcqs yaha se thee

Quries thii student name and father name ko combined krna thaa

1. Change int_salary into 3500

2. Drop coloumn

3. Change Colum

4. Creat table instructor_list 

---cs403 paper today ---

----- 50 % mcqs were from past papers

---- remaining mcqs conceptual

--- unique index query

--- sql query with out allias

--- sql query for join.

--- show output of query

--- define hash function

--- define concurrency controller

--- query for delete and update

--- query for alter t…

Today CS403 Fall 2020 paper @ 11:30am

1) Describe purposes of using Materialized views

2) SELECT * from Login Where username like ‘a%m’ returns the result.

3) List down three data types that are used to handle the textual data in SQL Server.

4) Differentiate between primary and secondary indexes.

5) Suppose we have an ERD having two entities Voter and Ballot paper. There is one to one relationship between these two entities.


Voter Entity has attributes as;

Voter-CNIC, Voter-name

Ballot Paper Entity has attributes as;

Paper-id, Paper-type

Paper-id = Ballot Paper Serial Number

Paper-type = Vote is conducted for Provincial or National Assembly

Map the said scenario into relation (s).


Create a view named “INSTRUCTOR-LIST” on the INSTRUCTOR table to show INS-NAME and CITY of those instructors, who belongs to ISLAMABAD or KARACHI.



Mention the names of the techniques in following scenarios to avoid collision in finding hash function;

1- The technique where unlimited numbers of collisions are handled by enlisting the chain of collisions attached to the appropriate slot.

2- The collision avoidance technique in which an empty slot in the table is found either by a new function or re-applying the original one.

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