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CS502 Current Final Term Paper 2021

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preparation krni hai to Waqar ki mcqs file ko complete cover krlen.. subjective me

1. dfs graph tha (5)or

2. prime graph diya huwa tha(5).

3.1 time complexity theory pr code tha kuch(5)

4.negative edges or negative cost cycle.. is par short path ke jo 3 no algorithm hai unme comparison krna tha.. sirf yes or no likhna tha(5)

5.pg 97-99 counting money pr tha(5) 

short question. 

1. what you know about time stamp(3)

2..union-find ka total time pocha huwa tha (3)

3.minimum or maximum heap ki hight pochi Hoi thi.. ke Kiya hoti hai.. (3)

#CS502 today papr

Q1) difference between deabth first search and breadth first search?5 marks 

Q2) Suppose you are asked to give change of $6.39 (sixdollars and thirty nine cents) describe in steps 5 marks.

Q3) huffman encoding correctnees k 2 claims likhny thy.

Q4) aik array de hoi thi counting sort me us k steps lkhny thy.

Cs502 9:30

Explain Activity scheduling

Diagraph making

Optimal solution 0_1for knapsack ko define krna tha

Is kruskals algo is example of minimum spanning tree .define how and why.?

Dijkstra se related bhi ik statment type question tha

Mcq just 50%past se thy

Cs502 my paper. 2.30pm

Chap 8 complete 

moaz  and waqar file sbu+obj both prepare karna

specially all algorithms like (BST, DST, Krus, like that jitny b algorith hai yh must krna 

paper pass kar lo gy  but mra paper logical aya  smj k karna sab kuch... 


Q 1. matrics banani ti according to yo give matrices,,, 

Q2.MST tree banana ta. Q3 adjustery list bani ti....


mcqs about 50% from past... But luckily subjective was relatively easy

Prims algorithm k 2 questions thy, 

dijkstra or bellman ford m difference

 warshall se aik question tha... Asymptotic notation se question tha... Edit distance matrix..

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