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CS504 Current Final Term Paper 2021

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15 mcqs from past

Total 50 questions

1)Classes r interfaces given the unhe organized krna tha

2)portability stick to the standard


4)Diffr b/w flowchart and data flow diagram

5)code was given and make cyclomatic c flow graph

CS504 27 FEB 2021

what is split line? Write two suggestions to overcome splitline

Write two principles for unit testing

Rewrite names of variables and classes according C naming conventions

Write three phases to test case

Identify the cryptic code from the following?

What is affect of layered architecture on quality of software?

What are major phases of software development where error can occur

cs504 paper subjective questions

Cyclomatic complexity and its formula

Fat and thin client advantages and disadvantages

Inspection pre_ conditions three

4 stages for updating a software


Today my paper

20+ mcqs from my files 

Remaining Conceptual

2 long and 3 Short 

Bhi Meri file se

Questions 31

What is bug and how it work with example

Questions 32

Give the name of white box testing

Questions no 33

Singletone pattern and Faced pattern

Questions no 34

Test and Development

Diagram bnani thii

Questions 35

How bit work explain with an example

Questions no 36

Anti-pattern reference with design patterns

 3 no ka thaa

Questions no 37

Namer representing using Java and c++

CS504 Paper

1. Three types of activities in maintenance list them?

2. Write one advantage and one disadvantage of using the bit field in writing the code?

3. What do you understand by the term anti-pattern with reference to design pattern.

4.in which scenario circuiting is used?

5. What will be the impact on software construction if we don't apply the umbrella activity?

6. Term effective testing which software document is considered as the base document?

7. Client-server?

8. Flow graph and compute cyclomatic complexity? 

Cs504 march 2-2021 final term paper

10 mcqs from past papers waqar file

5 marks questions

Considering the following code for structural testing:

for (i = 0; i < 100; i++) { //1

 if (i<a)

c=c+1; //2


c=c-1; //3

b=b+c; //4

 } //5

Draw the flow graph and also compute the cyclomatic complexity of the given code.

Write name of Krutchen’s architectural view models. 

What do you understand by the term Effective Testing? Which software document is considered as the base document to start the testing phase of software?

3 marks questions

Differentiate between bug and debugging? (3)

Name any two areas of programming other than object-oriented programming (OOP) where the concept of design patterns has been applied.

Consider the following sequence…

cs504 paper.. timing 9.30 

Mcqs past papers sa bhot kam the ... conceptual the sb.  

Question easy the past moazz file sa...

Cyclomatic wala that 

Guidelines for side effect 

Good variable name 

Overrun error 

Scenario dia tha diagram bnanai this. 

Data or information exchange k rules the ...

Mostly conceptual tha

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