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CS506 Current Final Term Paper 2021

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Book address wali diagram.ai th 

El operator


Missing code tha

rearrange krna tha code

error find krna.tha

50 persent.MCQs past sy th

Cs 506 paper

Mostly mcqs past me se

Steps of how to paint in java

Error codes 401 403 404 ye waly

Ik table given tha us me btana tha files http servlet r result set k packages k name arraylist ka given tha java. util

Cookies ka program tha r color se related bhi ik program tha

Three layers architecture ki diagram

Paper to easy tha 


mcqz zayda sy zayda 17 to 20 past papers sy thy... long questions main jstl ka code likhna tha jis main 3 colors diye gaye thy or print kerwana tha color ka name. jsp main least or most visible attributes ka name likhna tha....getmethod get attributes get server get header sy kiya file name show ho ga yeah question tha aik. servlet or applet main difference tha.java thread values from which of the following 1-10 101 100 1000 10001 yeah question tha is ka answer bhe bata dain mujy.. there is no use in java us main options thy jis ka right answer i think no use of pointer attributes tha

Cs506 exam

28 out of 30 past sae mcqs, 2 mcqs from handout sae 

2 no wale question past sae

5 wale dono past sae

Session wala long ik or ik error page wala 

3 wale dono diagram base thy

Cs506 final term today paper.... 

30mcqs/8subjective 12 mcqs only from waqar and moaz. 

1) 200,401,403,404,503 status code ki description likhni thi .5marks

2)managed bean end Waly lecture my Jo XML color wala code hy usy likhna tha...<managed-bean>all remaining code</managed-bean>..5marks 

3) 2 servlets ky sirf inner part lilkny thy.....5marks 

4) URL given tha usky sath "query" add krni thi....amir.com?user=amir&pass=1234 Is type my....3marks 5) <c:out value="${param.name}" default="null" /> Isko "scriptlet of jsp my convert krna tha....3marks 

6) jsp HTML form tha usko input tag my radio field form my missing code likhna tha....mtlb type=" radio" or type="submit" sirf inko...3mark 

7) thread ka interface Waly Worker class step pury yaad kro....code given tha …

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