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CS507 Current Final Term Paper 2021

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CS507 paper

Types of threats

Difference E-commerce n E-business business transaction

Difference E-commerce and e-business examples

OOAD object-oriented attributes and design

Cold site, hote site, warm site

90 mint ka paper ta 30 msq our 8 questions 

Mobilize commerce character 

Security sa related aia ta

Terminator ,process our controller ke diagram 

Data mini ka steps 

Risk audit base ka steps 

Coloums ta attribute ,class batane ta our msq easy ta

IAD ka feature 

Over all paper easy ta


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CS507 paper 

Q1) Mention three salient features of Object-Oriented Programming. (3)

Q2) Suppose you want to calculate the amount of expected loss through following formula, where 'W' is expected loss. W = X x Y x Z What does X, Y and Z represent in this formula? (3)

Q3) Write down the names of basic processes included in Cryptography. (3)

Q4) Identify any two firewall philosophies that are generally followed by most of the organizations (3)

Q5) Write two major components of model-driven DSS that are developed by end-users and are not reliant on a central information system…

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