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CS601 Current Final Term Paper 2021

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Today 11.30 Cs601

Ethernet ki definition or type

Ak table tha error nme likhna tha

Ak table tha bit ma convert krna tha

Vlan ki definition or types

Cmca/ad k definition

Mcqs mostly ethernet sy related aye thy

Or handouts sy aye thy mostly

Today CS601 Paper

Main focus on Abbreviations of different terms.

MAC Protocols and it's 3 different types and each type have different protocols. 

One question abouts VLANs 

One from Cable networks one question table matching which also taken from MAC protocols 

Calculate Hamming distance of 4bits error 

Practicle efficiency formula. 

Functions of ARP.

It's my suggestion that focus on abbreviations 

At least 10 marks of my paper includes different abbreviations 

Cs601 ka paper 

Error btani thi 

Haming distance btana tha 

Hdlc frame 

Table tha Jis me protocols given thy random or controlled access btana tha 

Graph tha frequency Aur period btana tha


Mcqs Slides sey Ay tha.past se nhi Aye..


Sonet layers Batao Aur Un mai se pysical layer batani the

Random Acess Nd Controlled Access Ky subtypes Batani h...

Carriee handles Of intra lata

Channelization protocols

Formula of bit code

Ek Table gya huwa tha pairs words ky Haming distance batao

Three types of Modulation

Cs601 ka papr. 

Us m sir ky papers m Sy 70% mcqs attempt howy hn subject bhi .       


Q1. SONET four functional layers ....

Q2.  Name tow controlled access method.  

Q3. Hub and switch py kon c layers oprate hoti hn . 

Q4.datawords r ko codes words m change krna 

Q5 aik tables that jis m even pairty check code .btna tha datawords ka. 

Q6 aik data gram tha jis ki type r pattern btna digram m value r time given tha.

Q7     which sysytem is detected and correct the errors. Complete thk sy yad nhi h quest but error detect krna tha r usy correct krna tha. 

Q8.  Types of HDLC frames  ..2 questions mujjy yad ni.

CS601 paper update

15 mcqs was from Data Link Layer

4 mcqs was from LATA topic

Rest came from different chapter n was easy


Full name of 3 frames (I, S, U)

Choose Random Access and Control Access from given file

Find hamming distance dmin=5

Find Checksum

CM or koi CTM tha not sure jiski full form btani

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