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CS601 GDB Solution Spring 2021

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GDB Topic


During the data transmission there are chances that the data bits in the frame might get corrupted. This will require the sender to re-transmit the frame and hence it will increase the re-transmission overhead. By considering the scenarios given below, you have to choose whether the packets should be encapsulated in a single frame or multiple frames in order to minimize the re-transmission overhead.


Justify your answer with one valid reason for both the scenarios given below.


Scenario A: Suppose you are using a network which is very prone to errors.





Alternating bit Protocol

The Simplest retransmission protocol is the alternating Bit protocol (ABP). The sender numbers the packets alternately 0 and 1. The receiver acknowledges every correct packet that it receives with the same number as the received packet. The sender waits for the receiver' s acknowledgment. 


Scenario B: Suppose you are using a network with high reliability and accuracy.


Mesh Topology Network

This topology is divided into two different types, Full mesh and partial mesh. A full mesh topology provides a connection from each node to every other node to every other node on the network. This provides a fully redundant network and is the most reliable of all network. If any link or node in the network fails, then there will be another that will allow network traffic to continue. 


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