CS607 Current Final Term Paper 2021 - VU Answer

CS607 Current Final Term Paper 2021

VU Answer Providing CS607 Current Final Term Paper 2021. Most Important and Useful CS607 Current Paper 2021. Easy to See and Download CS607 Paper.


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Cs607(11:30) paper...

Q. No.1: which algorithm is used in situation wala tha

Q. 2. How expert system used for control applications?

Q. 3: mention the knowledge acquisition techniques...

Q. 4: write formulas of AND OR and NOT for A and B...

Q.5: Biological neural network and computer m se efficient kon sa...

Q.6: machine learning techniques ko detail m btayn

Q. 7: Give the drawback of neural networks.

CS 607(Artificial Intelligence) My today Paper

Objective: All from past papers i.e Moazz file & Arslan


Knowledge Acquisition

Knowledge Elicitation

Write a program using CLIPS to print "Hello World"

Candidate Elimination Algorithm

Artificial Neural Networks

Cs607 27/2/2021


Mostly MCQs and subjective from past papers

Total question 38



1.Problem of Knowledge Elicitation

2.Write machine learning techniques.

3.Printout Product of two digits in CLIPS.

4.Write the syntax of Modify and adding in Clips.

5.Ali is Haider's father

Fatima is the Haider Mother

Haider is the son of Ali and Fatima. Draw graph.

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We Shared only to get an Idea and Prepare these important questions or MCQs about final term papers.

Current Paper and Important thoughts are recommended there will be higher chance to ask for exams in repeated questions. 

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