CS614 Current Final Term Paper 2021 - VU Answer

CS614 Current Final Term Paper 2021

VU Answer Providing CS614 Current Final Term Paper 2021. Most Important and Useful CS614 Current Paper 2021. Easy to See and Download CS614 Paper.


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Done with cs614 paper 11 am

Mcqs 20 were from past

Subject papers was totally different from past files

50 questions 40 mcqs 10 subjective

1. Quality management maturity gird

Sy teen statement thi, unko identify krna tha

2. Collapse table sy ik question solve krna tha

3. Dense index sy ik statement correct incorrect btana tha

4. Data mining vs statistics

5. Business dimensional lifecycle

6. Dwh page dimensions

7. Import export wizard load tasks, at least 5

8. Denormalization techniques

paper cs614 

Mostly mcqs es file ma sy thy

Long1) cost of hashing join calculate krni the

2) methodology k name likhny thy 5

3) linear speed up k two point likhny thy

4) sql likhni the data given tha

5) import/ export wizard k three point likhny thy

CS614 Paper Subjective 6:30 pm 01 february 

Three reasons for web warehouse, 

Cases given, have to identify the normalized form, 

 Implementation Strategies, 

barriers in linear speedup,  

Partioning types of not shared DMBS tha shayd

Design and planning techniques

Three types of deliverable

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Current Paper and Important thoughts are recommended there will be higher chance to ask for exams in repeated questions. 

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